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Rightline Range 2 Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Range 2 Rooftop Cargo Bag

Hey guys this is Callum here at etrailer. Today we're going to take look at the Range 2 rooftop cargo bag from Rightline Gear.Now with this bag you're going to be able to mount it to the roof of your vehicle. It allows you to get any of that excess cargo or luggage up and loaded into the bag. And that'll create more space on the inside of your vehicle. Now with any long road trip you're going to take, any extra elbow and leg room you get will be helpful for you and your passengers.Now with the bag you do have a couple of different mounting options. Right now we just have it sitting on our bare roof.

We have the included straps secured to our raised side rails of our minivan. But you could also use it for a cargo basket, or if you don't have any raised side rails, but you do have a roof rack, you could use it there, and secure these straps just to your crossbars instead of the raised side rails. If you just have a completely bare roof, there are hooks included to be able to latch it onto your doorframes.Now I do want to take a quick second and talk about the rubber coated hook that does come in your kit. We have found that in our experience it does not work with a lot of applications. So example we have a Honda Odyssey right here, which is a pretty popular vehicle.

With the sliding door, it's not going to really work with that application, even if we could get it to fit in a certain slot over here to latch on to. We wouldn't be able to shut our sliding door. Now, with that being said, if you have a crossover which has four door swinging doors, we'll go over here to the front door, there's still not really a good spot to put it. So we can't put it at the top of the door frame, because then the door would not shut. And even if we bring it down here, at a spot where it does latch on, again the door cannot close.But if you do find that this works for your application, or for your vehicle, feel free to use it.

Personally, I just think that it's a lot safer to wrap the strap around any raised side rail or crossbar roof rack system you have, and then get it through that buckle.Each corner of the bag is going to have a buckle facing each direction. So that means if you do have those horizontal crossbars that you want to attach these to, you just move these straps to this buckle, and it'll go straight to the front of the bag to secure on those crossbars.Now all in all, I think the Range 2 is going to be a really great solution to get any of that excess luggage or cargo loaded up until your destination. The thing I just really like about it, is I don't have to invest in anything else to get this bag to work with my vehicle. I could have a cargo carrier to load all my stuff up, but you need to make sure you got a hitch for that. But there are cargo boxes and cargo baskets, but you do need a roof rack to be able to mount those to them.

With the bag, you just put it on your roof, strap it down, and they you're ready to go.Now I also think that Rightline Gear do a great job of making a tough and durable bag. And it really does hold up to what they say about it being waterproof. We've had customers tell us that they took this through the heaviest of rains, to get to their destination, and when they opened up their bag, all their contents on the inside we're dry as a bone, and they weren't damaged at all.Now when securing your bag, Rightline Gear did make it very easy. You're not going to have to tie any type of knots on your raised side rail or on that rubber coated hook if you decide to use that. They do have a built in loop on the strap, so all we have to do is whether we use that rubber coated hook, or the raised side rail, or even the crossbar from our roof rack, and run it under and through the loop, and then pull up on it. From here, once you secure it into your buckle, you really don't have to worry about it coming untied, because it is built into the strap.Now we went ahead and removed our straps so that we can have a closer look at the bag, and then open it up for you guys so you can see on the inside.Now on the outside, we are going to have a very durable fabric construction with a PVC coating. It's going to help keep out all that water, dirt and debris from getting on our contents. Now we have a flap covering our zipper, and these hook-and-loop fasteners making sure that the water cannot get to the zipper. And if water does make its way under the flap, the zipper is welded, so you're not going to have to worry about any of that dirt, moisture or debris getting through.Now one addition we do have with this bag right now, you don't have to use this, but we do kind of recommend it to help protect your roof. We'll lift it up real quick. We have the non-slip protective pad sitting between our bag and the rooftop. This pad is very soft, and it's going to help protect the roof from any type of scratches or abrasions. And it's also going to help make sure that our bag cannot shift at all, while it's loaded up on top.When you got your bag on top of your roof, and you're ready to load it up, if you do need some assistance due to our height restriction, Rightline Gear does make this Moki door step. All you do is attach it to the U-shaped latch that holds your doors in place when they're shut. The example being on this minivan it's right here. It's going to come up and under, sit right there, and it's just that extra step we can use to get our gear loaded.The zipper is going to open up on three of the four sides of our bag. So we'll just flip open our flap, get all the hook-and-loop fasteners undone. Do the same on the other side as well.Now when we open up our bag, you're going to see we do just have an air mattress on the inside. That's just to depict how much space this can actually hold. We have 15 cubic feet of storage space in this bag. It's going to be more than enough to be able to get all of that luggage or cargo up here and secured.With the bag unloaded, we have a good look at the inside. Now even though that fabric is going to be very tough and durable, you're not going to have to worry about it scratching or damaging any of the stuff you put inside of it.Now just to give you an idea of the space this takes up on your roof, the dimensions of this bag are going to be 40 inches long, by 36 inches wide, and it's going to be 18 inches tall, when it's loaded.And when not in use, you can fold up your Range 2 and stow it in this bag that's going to make for easy storage. On the inside of the bag, they do have instructions sewn on there. You can kind of see the white part right here. This is the bottom of the instructions. You're not going to worry about losing them, they're going to be there if you need them.Now I hope this information helped you guys out. But that's going to do it for our look at the Range 2 rooftop cargo bag from Rightline Gear.

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