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Rightline Range 3 Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Range 3 Rooftop Cargo Bag

Hey guys, Zack here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rightline Gear Range 3 Rooftop Cargo Bag. This is going to be a really large rooftop bag. It can either sit on the bare roof like we have here today, or you can put it in basket at 18 cubic feet, you can carry a lot of stuff, it's water resistant, I think it's going to do a really nice job of keeping stuff dry if you're in a rainstorm. It also keeps dust and dirt out of there, so you can have all kinds of different things up there and it can stay protected.When, it comes to carrying stuff on your roof you care about two things, how much stuff can I carry And is it really going to be protected And if you're looking to keep your stuff extremely protected, a roof box is definitely a way to go, but those are super expensive, and to get an 18 cubic foot one that one's going to take up a lot of space. So, this is a really good way to maximize how much stuff you can carry, and it actually does a really good job of keeping it protected.

The way it keeps water and dirt out is with this durable PVC material, it has really good seams, and when it comes to water usually what you get when it gets in there is through like the zipper, or the seams, and everything's been welded, which is really nice. It has the flap that covers up the zipper, it has a really thin coating over the zippers, so we're really protecting that, put a little water on it and you can see how it just beads right off. It has a nice coating on it and it just washes right over.Now, that's not the best example in comparison to driving through rain, but we haven't had any issues with this style bag having any water get through, just make sure that when you're putting this on, you want the zipper portion to face in the back of the vehicle, and just make sure you have it all sealed down, you don't want these flaps folded up because then over time you might eventually have some come through. And the way that flap stays down is with this hook and loop. And that's just spaced out all the way around the bag, so it's not completely all the way there, but it does a really good job, and that flap is pretty stiff, so once it's down, it's down.So, if you're only going on a family vacation or a camping trip a few times a year, this is a great way to go.

You don't have to invest in a roof rack or an expensive basket or box, and we can easily just take it off, fold it up and stored away until we need it the next time. Now, the downside to this, especially when you have it on the bare roof like we have today is, we don't get as much weight capacity out of it as we would with a basket or a box, just because we're putting that weight on the roof rack or the side rails versus the roof.Now, one thing to keep in mind if you're putting this on a bare roof, is we highly recommend putting a pad down, because this material will eventually, as you're going down the road will rub on the top of your paint, and it could cause some damage. So, Rightline Gear makes a really nice pad. We actually have it on here today, you can't really see it that well because the bag is so big, but it does a good job of protecting the paint. Now, also here you can see that our bag is sitting on our sun roof, that's something that a lot of vehicles, newer vehicles especially have larger sun roofs, and you're not going to be able to carry as much weight whenever it's sitting on the glass.

That is a definitely a downside to this style bag. So, definitely check with the owner's manual of your vehicle. There's not going to be a rating for that glass, but I would maybe put stuff like sleeping bags or light duffel bags over that if you have that issue, and they put everything else a little bit further back on the metal.It comes with four straps to secure it to our roof, and you can attach it a couple of different ways. So, you can either take the clips off and run it around our raised side rails like we have here, you can run the strap through the other buckles up top and attach it to crossbars, or you can leave the hooks on that come with it, run it down through our door, and then attaches in the door jamb. When it comes to using the hooks with a naked roof, a lot of people have issues with getting it to fit in there, and that all depends on your specific vehicle, but if you can get that hook in there and get it around anything and make sure it doesn't interfere with your door closing all the way, once it's in there, it's in there, it's definitely going to secure that down to your roof.

But definitely double-check that you have that installed properly.When, it comes to the overall size of this, 18 cubic feet is a lot of space to put on top of your vehicle. On this Forester I think it looks pretty good, but if you had a smaller car, it might look a little awkward. But let's give you some dimensions to see if this is going to work out for you. Overall, when this is maxed out, the height is 18 inches, the length is going to be 48 inches, and the width is going to be 36 inches. Now, the benefit of a bag is if you're not maxing it out in all directions, you can have something that's a little bit taller in there, as long as you're not fully bringing it out.Now, that is the biggest benefit in my opinion, over a box, other than price. But with a box you're confined to that hard shell. So for me, with my box, I can't put some of this stuff in like the stroller that we use, it's too tall even when it's folded up. So, this would be a really good way to get my stroller on top of my roof, as long as I stayed within that weight capacity. I took off the straps and I've unzipped it a little bit just to give you a little bit better look at how this works. So, one thing about bags is sometimes the zippers can be a little tough, it's easier here on the side, but as I get closer to the corners here, if I don't have something that's a little bit more structured in there; you'll see here in a second, it's a bunch of soft stuff, but it gets a little tough.That's okay, because we're not really doing this a lot, just right before we leave and right when we get to our destination, and that zips like that. When it comes to accessing your roof, the Moki doorstep that Rightline gear is really nice; now this Forrester's not too bad for me, but this just attaches right down here in the door, it hooks right there on that hook right there. And then it just gives you a much better platform. So trying to stand on your tire, sometimes isn't the easiest thing to do. It's not the safest all the time, we all try to do it, but you can easily step up on this, just like that, or we can stand like this, gives us much better way of reaching the top of our roof.So, it's a little too tall for me with this Forester, but I just wanted to let you guys know there is definitely something out there if getting to your roof is an issue. With this unzipped all the way we can unfold this, let's see, we've got plenty of clearance here to get all of our stuff, so obviously you're not going to be carrying an air mattress like this, but this just gives you a general idea as to how much space this takes up and what you can carry. And you can see that material on the inside there, still that strong vinyl. But a lot of bags that are out there, don't open up and give you this full access to it, it only opens partially which can be a little awkward if getting stuff in the far corners of your bags. With this, I can put everything in there, fold this back over, get it all zipped up and get our straps tightened down, and we're ready to go.I can show you how these straps work. Since we have the raised side rail on our Forester, we don't need the naked roof hooks, but I'll show you how those work real quick, they just hook right down here. I'll just keep the tension on it, and then you could just close your door on that, you can see that's not going anywhere there. So, as long as we kept it tight to our bag, we're good to go. But I'm going to take that hook off and it just loops through, so I'll store that away, and run our strap around our raised rail there. And you could do the same style if you had crossbars as well, and we can just run it through our buckle up here.So, this is the way you could run it if you had crossbars already, you could run it through the hooks there, but I'm just going to go through this one right here, just feed it through. This is a really simple design, but it's very effective in holding this down, get that tight, and then we can just clean up our excess strap here, and we've got everything secured down. And then when it comes to storage, it folds up, it's not the easiest to get it in a tight way but the bag is a little bit larger than I would anticipate it being, so you don't have to have it exactly right. But that just keeps it clean and protected for the next time you use it. And then we can store it away. It's much more easily stored away than a box or a basket.But overall, I think if you're just looking for something that is going to keep your stuff protected, but you're looking for a solution where you're only going to be going out a couple of times a year, I think that the right line gear bag is an excellent way to go. But that's going to do it for our look at the Rightline Rooftop Cargo Bag.

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