Road Comfort Front Floor Mats Review - 2019 Dodge Durango

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Review of the Road Comfort Front Floor Mats on a 2019 Dodge Durango

Colin: Hey everyone. Colin here at Today, I have a 2019 Dodge Durango. We'll be taking a look at the front row Road Comforts floor mats. Our floor mats are going to be custom fit for our Durango, so they're going to fit in our floorboard very well. These are going to be constructed out of a rubberized thermoplastic, so they're going to be nice and durable and withstand any conditions you might throw out your floor mats.These mats are very flexible.

As you can see, they're nice and comfortable. They do have these raised sides to keep all our dirt and debris on the mat, and they do have raised channels here. This is going to keep any dirt, debris, or water that might be on our mat off of our feet. That way we can have good grip. I do like the foot pedals here.

That way it's easier when we're transitioning our feet between our brake and our gas pedal. Our mats do have these snaps that lock down into our factory lockdown points for our mats, and they do have anti-slip backing with cone-shaped nibs just to help keep these from sliding around. I will say this mat doesn't cover as much carpet as some of the other mats on the market, but again, they are soft and very comfortable. Another really nice feature of our mat is that it has this dead pedal cover here that way when we're resting our left foot, we don't have to worry about getting any dirt or debris on that carpet.Now, we're on our passenger side. We can go ahead and get our mat installed.

You just kind of want to fold it like this, reach into your floorboard, and then you can drop it down. Once you have that floor mat dropped to where it's close to where it's going to go, you can drag it around and snap in our lockdown points. Our passenger side mat is going to have all the same features as our driver's side. We're going to have those raised sides, raised channels in the middle, just to help keep all that dirt and debris on our mat. It's also going to have that anti-slip backing with the cone-shaped nibs to help it from sliding around.When it is time to clean our mats, we can simply pull them out, hose them down.

You can wash them down with soap and water if you'd like, and we dry them off and stick them right back in the floorboard.That's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Road Comforts floor mats on our 2019 Dodge Durango..

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