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Roadmaster Brite-Lite Wiring Converter Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Brite-Lite Wiring Converter

Hi there, flat towers and heavy haulers. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Roadmaster's Brite-Lite, non-combination to combined relay box. Our Brite-Lite module is going to take non-combined lightings, like we have on our motorhome here. You can see that our turn signals are separate from our brake lights. There's an assistant inside holding down the brake pedal now to illuminate these lights, and we can see that these are lit up. The issue with having separate lights like this is that oftentimes, at your 7-way connector down at the back of your motorhome, the lighting's not going to work properly on whatever you're pulling behind it, because you'll have your left and right turn signals but when you hit the brakes, the brakes that signal that is sent back here is just illuminating these.And on your trailer, you get your brake lights through your turn signal wires; the left and the right turn signal wires also double as your left and right brake signal wires.

So, in order to get those outputs working properly on our 7-way, so that when we hit the brakes these lights will illuminate, but it's also going to send signals to both the left and right turn signals on our 7-way to illuminate the lights at the back of our trailer.We're now back here at our tail lights, and we've got a flat tow setup hooked up to it. And with the brake pedal being depressed in the motorhome, the light should come on here in the back using the diode wiring kit that we installed. Since we're not putting out brake signals on our turn signals, our independent left and right, we have no lights back here when the brakes are pressed. If I we're to turn on our turn signals, though, our turn signals do work properly. In order to get both turn signal and brake light functionality on your trailer, or your towed vehicle if you're flat towing, like we are fixing here, then you'll want to install a module like this that will break out your brake signal circuit from your motorhome and send it down your independent left and right turn signal wire, so we can have brake lights as well as turn signals.So we got our flat tow hooked up.

Our assistant is pressing the brakes on the inside and we can see the lights for the brakes on our motorhome are illuminated as well as the lights here at the back of our vehicle. They're working on both sides. So our box is working as it's supposed to. It's taken the single brake signal circuit and split it up into two, go into our lights on each side, down those respective turn signal wires for these.The Brite-Lite's not only great for your motorhomes that have non-combined lighting, but it'll work with any vehicle that has non combined lighting to where you need to combine those, so that way the lighting will work properly on whatever you're going to pull behind you, whether it be a trailer or your flat tow like here. And this is what our module looks like when it's installed.

It can really be placed just about anywhere on the vehicle, but I recommend putting it at the back, near your 7-pole connector, because it is wired in-line between both your left and right turn signals going back to your 7-way connector.You'll also need to have a brake signal circuit wired up to this module, so you will need either quick splices or butt connectors as well as some additional wiring to be able to tap into your existing brake signal circuit on your vehicle, and bring it over here to the module as well. You can get butt connectors, wiring, ring terminals, and everything else that you'll need to get this wired up and installed in your vehicle, here in And that completes our look at Roadmaster's Brite-Lite, non-combined to combined lighting relay box.

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