Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers

Hi there, towing enthusiasts. Today we're going to be taking a look at Roadmaster's Comfort Ride Shock Absorber System. They're available for either tandem axles and triple axles and they have three different sizes.For your 2 3/8-inch axles, it will support up to 3,500 pounds. For your 3-inch axles, you'll have a 5,200 to 7,000 pound kit. And for your 3 1/2-inch axles, we have a 8,000 pound kit. In addition to those, there's also an add-on kit, so if you decide to take the tandem axle kit that you have on your trailer and you upgrade to a triple axle trailer, you can take those, get the add-on kit for your additional axle, and then transfer those right on over.And this is what our shock absorbers are going to look like when they're installed.

Typically trailers don't have any shock absorbers, just leaf springs. Leaf springs don't really offer a whole lot as far as dampening. So a lot of that road shock is going to transfer from the road through your leaf springs up into your trailer. The shock absorbers will absorb a lot of road vibrations and any sudden impact she might have from pot holes, minimizing the transfer of that energy up through the trailer inside. So this way things that are inside won't feel that jarring motion nearly as much as they did when they didn't have any shocks at all.Many of our customers have reported in that they had damaged cabinet doors from slamming open and closed as well as broken dishes.

By adding shocks to the system, it greatly minimizes the amount of vibration, oscillations that you get in the back, so this will no longer happen.You'll also have a lot of expensive electronics and appliances inside of your camper, and you want to keep those safe. You don't want it doing this for eight hours on your way to your next destination. So if this was your toy hauler or car hauler, all the components you have inside of your trailer will also receive all those dampening benefits. All that shock that's going to transfer from the road through your trailer would also transfer to those components, but since we're minimizing it at the source, we're not going to see it down the line. So you can protect your classic car or motorcycle just as well as your refrigerator.Now there's a good chance if you're watching this video, you just got back from a frightening road trip where you we're white knuckled, holding onto the steering wheel as your trailer was swaying and pulling you all over the road.

Well, adding these shocks is going to help minimize that sway and chucking that you get in the back, so you won't feel it inside your truck. What this means for you is you're going to get to your destination with more energy, your hands aren't going to be sore from gripping the wheel, and you're just going to feel overall safer for you and your family as you're pulling your trailer behind you.And to give you an idea of what it's like inside your trailer, we set up some cameras inside of our fifth-wheel here and then took it for a ride before and after we installed the shocks.To help minimize sway, the shocks are placed at a 15-degree angle. This will limit the lateral movement and also the front-to-back and up-and-down movement. The shocks are filled with pressurized gas, which allows them to compress and extend, which creates enough force to off-set the amount of incoming vibration that occurs when you are driving over rough or uneven terrain.Lippert also makes a shock kit for trailers. However, Lippert shocks install on the outside of the frame, so you have to have enough clearance between the inside of your tire and the outside of the frame in order for the shocks to fit.

Many trailers don't have this clearance, so Roadmaster's kit is a great option, because it installs on the inside of the frame where you typically do have more clearance.Something else I would like to recommend if you're looking to further reduce road shock and chucking are Lippert's equal flex cushioned equalizers. They are an upgrade over your factory equalizers that will help smooth out your ride. You can see we have them installed along with our comfort ride shocks. It's a universal bolt-on system, so it's going to be great for your larger trailers, such as your fifth-wheels, your toy haulers, and then your car haulers. The shock absorbers going to connect to the upper and lower brackets. Your upper brackets going to attach to the frame and our lower bracket's going to attach to the top of our axle.And that completes our look at Roadmaster's Comfort Ride Shock Absorber kit.

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