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RoadMaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar Review

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Review of the RoadMaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Non-binding Tow Bar. Designed for use with 2-inch hitches and offering a 6,000-lb capacity, the part number is RM-522. To get our tow bar installed, we're just going to slide it into a 2-inch by 2-inch receiver tube opening. We'll then be able to line up our pin holes and secure it with the provided 5/8ths pin and clip. The Falcon All-Terrain is also very easy to store. We can bring this up.

You'll see the spring-loaded lever right here actually catches around the long pivot bolt. Then we can rotate this right over to the side. In that position, it alleviates the need for any kind of straps or anything like that. The biggest advantage to the All-Terrain Falcon tow bar from Roadmaster is that even if we don't have our vehicle exactly in line with the motorhome, like we've set it up here. If our Jeep happens to be on really uneven terrain or if we've got a situation where we just can't get them exactly right, the Falcon's going to give us a very long reach to get back there, and it also doesn't matter because it has a good pivot point on the front. To get it hooked up, we just want to rotate it out of the stored position, upright.

Then we can release our latch and rotate it down towards our vehicle. You'll see the arms are designed to slide out. We'll use the pins provided with the tow bar. We'll align those with the holes in our base plate. See how much that moves and articulates to allow us to get this connected at any angle. This style of connection point is what you're going to use with the MS, MX and EZ5 series of base plates, but included with our tow bar, we do have the quick disconnect tow bar with all the hardware you're going to need to get it secured to your EZ, your EZ2, EZ4, classic and XL base plate kits.

The tow bar also has a channel designed on the side of both arms here. This is designed to accommodate our safety cables as you can see here and also our wiring. That allows for a much cleaner look here behind your RV. You're not going to have nearly as many wires and stuff hanging out. Now we can take our safety cables and we'll connect them to the safety chain connection point there.

That way, we'll have a nice, solid connection point. We can also bring our wiring through that same channel. We have a long reach with each of our arms. From the shortest position to the longest position, we're goin to have about 13 inches of extension. That can really help us hook up during those off-angle situations. The inner arm itself is a solid piece of stainless steel. That's going to help resist any kind of corrosion and make sure that this works properly for a long time to come. That's going to work really well with our self-lubricating nylon bushing, making sure that these slide in and out very easily for a long time to come. Based on our customer reviews, they're all very positive about the tow bar. The customers really like the design and effect and say it lasts a very long time. The Falcon All-Terrain also offers the freedom latch. This is what helps out a lot when it comes to disconnecting. A lot of them have a push button style or something like that that just doesn't quite release if there's any tension on them. The Freedom latch is goin to give you plenty of leverage. You'll feel it come up to its stop point. With a little pressure, it's going to release, allowing us to unhook our tow bar. The Falcon All-Terrain offers a 6,000-lb weight capacity, so that's going to be the maximum weight vehicle you'll want to haul with it. Of course, you'll want to check your hitch's capacity on your RV to see what it's rated for and not exceed that. To ensure that 6,000-lb capacity, Roadmaster puts their tow bars through a very rigid testing process where they'll put a lot of weight and a lot of strain on it to identify any weak points. What we're left with is a very good, strong, reliable product that we're not going to have to worry about failure with. The extra-long telescoping arms are also going to help to extend the vehicle back from our motorhome slightly, unlike tow bars with shorter arms that can sometimes get that vehicle closer to the back of the motorhome than what we would like. The Falcon All-Terrain isn't limited for use with just the Roadmaster tow bars. It will fit all vehicle-specific Roadmaster tow bars. We can also adapt this over to work with Blue Ox tow bars with part number RM-031. Roadmaster also uses an advanced powder-coating system for their tow bars. This is a very durable powder coat. You're not going to see that chipping and flaking that you see out of some of the more sub-par powder coat finishes. On top of all those great features, you're also purchasing a product that's been made right here in the USA. That's going to complete our look at the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain, part number RM-522.

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