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Roadmaster Nighthawk All Terrain Tow Bar Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Nighthawk All Terrain Tow Bar

Today we'll be having a look at the Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar, part number RM-676. What sets this tow bar apart from others on the market is it's the industry's first that has integrated lights built into it. Now our integrated LED light strip produces 300 lumens of an amber light, which will help motorists be aware that you are flat towing a vehicle at night. They will see the illuminated gap in between your flat towed vehicle and your RV and not attempt to get in between the two. Now the Nighthawk also has the industry's longest arms on any tow bar ever produced, helping increase stability by increasing the distance between our towed vehicle and our motor home, also making tight turns easier. Additionally, our longer arms also make it easier for us to hook up to our towed vehicle. We don't have to worry about lining up perfectly every time we hook up.

The extra length gives us increased radius in order to guide our arms onto our attachment points on our towed vehicle. So we'll measure from the center of our hitch pinhole to our pivot point here at the top, with it fully retracted, and we can see it's at 40-1/2" to the center of our pivot point. Now we'll fully extend our arm and take the measurement again. And we're at 52". Another great feature about this tow bar that a lot of other ones on the market don't have is we have an integrated channel on both sides to run our safety cables on through as well as our electrical connection, which provides the umbilical between our towed vehicle and our RV. Additionally, our safety cables and our electrical connection are included with the tow bar, so it's one less thing that you have to worry about purchasing separately. Now this is the first tow bar from Roadmaster, which is designed to work with EZ5, MX, and MS series tow bar mounting brackets, which incorporate the strength of the crossbar already built into them, so it's not required. However, you can use it for EZ4 style tow bar brackets like we have here, but you will need to have the cross bar. Our non-binding freedom latches here make it easy for you to disconnect quickly, every time.

The matte black powder coat finish is textured for easy grip and this finish exceeds all 500 hour salt spray, high impact, and extreme weather standards. This is a highly thick and extremely durable finish that is three times stronger than solvent-base paint. It gives it a very rugged and outdoorsy look, which is great for when you're flat towing an off-road vehicle such as a Jeep. The Nighthawk has an 8,000 pound towing capacity and yet it only weighs 35 pounds, making it easy for one person to put in the receiver of the motor home and hook up to your tow vehicle. Now the cord that comes with our tow bar, we have a six way round on the vehicle end, which plugs into your towed vehicle giving you all your lighting functions, as well as, a charge line and a break line if you need it for a towed vehicle braking system. On the RV end, we have your 7-way RV-style connector. Now the great thing about this tow bar is once we've arrived at our destination and we've unhooked our towed vehicle from our RV, we could easily store the tow bar on the back of the RV.

First thing you'll do, you'll disconnect your electrical connection here, followed by your safety cables. We'll move our pin and clips. We'll do this on both sides, place our arms in. You'll notice how once you push them in like that, they lock in place. Squeeze them together, raise them up, it'll clip into our latch here.

If we ever want to pull it down, just pull back and drop back down, and we'll sling it over to the side and take our cables here, we can clip them on to inaudible 04:16 like so. Take our inaudible 04:21 connector, stick it inside there. Put our pin and clip back in place. All right, now that we've got our inaudible 04:35 features of our tow bar, we'll show you how to get it installed and hooked up. First thing we're going to do is raise up our tow bar and insert the shaft into our motor home's receiver. We'll make sure our hole here on the shaft of our tow bar lines up with the pinhole of our receiver. That's with the pinholes lined up. We'll take our included pin and clip, insert the pin, lock it in place with the clip. Okay, now we'll connect our tow bar to our vehicle's baseplate. Start off with one side first. Once you have it lined up, we'll take our pin and clip here, insert it, put the clip on through, and lock on down. So we'll repeat the same process for the other side. We'll hook our electrical one up. Now when we hook up our safety cables from the tow bar to our RV, we'll want to make sure we crisscross them. Our one on the right hand side will go over to our left hand size and vice versa. And that completes our look at the Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar, part number RM-676.

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