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Roadmaster Tow Bar to Blue Ox Brackets Adapter Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Tow Bar to Blue Ox Brackets Adapter

Today, we're going to review and install the Roadmaster Tow Bar to Blue Ox bracket adapter, part number RN-031. With everything hooked up, let's go ahead and take it for a short test drive and see how it works. This looks like our adapter's installed on our tow bar and face plate combination. We have a Roadmaster All Terrain Tow Bar here up to this point. Then we have our new adapter right here. This goes to our Blue Ox attachment tab right here. These are very simple and easy install. We'll go ahead and show how to do that next.

With this part number, this is what you get. You get 2 new adapter brackets, pin and clip to hold everything together, and hardware to attach to your Roadmaster Tow Bar. One for each side with this part number. This adapts to Roadmaster Black Hawk, Falcon, and Sterling tow bars to your Blue Ox brackets. For comparison, this is the tab that comes off the Blue Ox base plate. This will work with your adapter that goes to your Road Master tow bar. One last detail to know about these adapters is when you're working with the Sterling tow bars, this will work with serial numbers on your tow bar that go up to 14,500.

If that number's higher than this, then use part number RM-031-5. Now we'll go ahead and show you how we install these on our Roadmaster tow bar. We'll be working with a Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar. On your adapted part, simply replaces this part on the tow bar. All we got to do is remove the hardware right here and install the new adapter with new hardware. To remove our adapter, we'll use a quarter inch hex bit or allen key. On the other side, we use 9 16th.

We'll go ahead and remove the hardware. Your adapters come with all new pieces so we don't have to worry about saving anything. Now we'll get our adapter and we'll use the same tools. We'll go ahead and get it taken apart and put it into place. We'll pull a bolt out almost all the way and we'll make sure that plastic washer stays inside. We'll slide it into place. Now we'll take our second plastic washer, push it in the side there, and we're going to bolt through it.

Then we'll run a bolt out to the outside, reinstall a flat washer, and we can go ahead and tighten down the hardware. After we have it hand tightened, we'll go ahead and torque down the bold as specified in the instructions. We're going to repeat the same process on the other side. We have them installed. Let's go ahead and try them out. Simply slide into your Blue Ox attaching pin. We'll put in this pin and its clip and we're good to go. We'll do one more on the other side. That'll finish it for Roadmaster Tow Bar to Blue Ox Brackets Adapter, part number RN-031.

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