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Roadmaster Universal Stop Light Switch Kit Review

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Review of the Roadmaster Universal Stop Light Switch Kit

Today you're gonna be taking a look at the Roadmaster Universal Stop Light Switch Kit. Part Number RM-751000. Here's what our universal stop light switch kit looks like once we have it installed. The reason why you'd want a stop light switch kit there's gonna be several different reasons. If you're flat towing a vehicle like we're doing, our stop light switch kit is gonna hook into our braking system, so we can have a monitor to know exactly when the pedal is moving.Another good reason why you'd want a stop light switch kit is if you're adding a brake controller to your vehicle, and you can't find the cold side of the brake switch to send the signal out. Well this is gonna give us a cold side of the brake switch, so it's only gonna come on when the brake pedal is suppressed.

You can see there's a small light on the side, and when I move the pedal the light is gonna come on, but when it goes back to the home position the light goes out. This is becoming more and more common on vehicles that have sensitive electronics, and their not gonna have a cold side of the brake switch, so it makes it very difficult to install a brake controller. Well this is gonna mount directly to the brake pedal arm. There's gonna be a sensor that's gonna be pointing toward the firewall. Once it has the home position set and it realizes there's any movement, it energizes that signal and it sends it out.Installation is gonna be very straightforward.

We'll find a spot on our brake pedal arm that we can attach our switch to. You just want to make sure it has a clear shot of anything, and nothing is gonna be moving in front of it. Once you have the spot you can zip tie it to the brake pedal arm, and then we're only gonna have three wires to hook up. One for power. One for ground.

And then we're gonna have the blue wire that's gonna be our brake signal. So, whether you're flat towing a vehicle, or adding a brake controller to a car and you can't find the brake signal this is gonna make it to where we can make a brake signal and have a very accurate reading because it's gonna have that sensor go into the firewall.Here's everything that's gonna come with our stop light switch kit. We're gonna have all the necessary wires and hardwares to hook it up. The switch itself, if we look at it, you'll notice it's gonna have a plug on both ends. That's where the harness is gonna plug into.

Now on the front here where this tab is that's where the sensor is gonna be. This is gonna need to point towards the firewall, and then we'll have this double sided foam tape that's gonna stick our switch directly to the brake pedal arm. And then these holes we'll use these included zip ties to completely fully secure it, so it won't move.As far as the harness goes itself, we're only gonna have to hook up three wires. We'll have a red wire for our power source, a black wire for our ground, and our blue wire is gonna be our brake output signal. We'll hook our blue wire up to the monitor system for our supplemental braking system. Now as far as the power goes we're gonna have two different options of how we can hook it up. We'll have a fuse tab where we can find a fuse that has constant power. We can use that for our power source, or we can extend the wire out to the battery and use a fuse holder to get our power.Now on our switch there's gonna be a hole inside there, and there's gonna be a recess button. We're gonna need to press that button whenever it's timed to set the home position. I figured I would show you now because this is gonna be rather difficult to see once it's in position on the brake pedal arm.That'll finish up your look at the Roadmaster Universal Stop Light Switch Kit. Part Number RM-751000.

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