RockyMounts SplitRail LS 4 Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the RockyMounts SplitRail LS 4 Bike Platform Rack

Colin: Hey guys, it's Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at this four bike platform rack from RockyMounts. This is their SplitRail LS, four bike rack. Now, like I said, it is a platform rack. It's going to allow you to get up to four bikes loaded and be able to haul them to and from your destination. Now what's nice about this four bike rack compared to some others.

When you get into those hanging style racks, it gets really difficult to put some bikes up there, especially you don't want to be putting in carbon fiber bikes up, that could possibly damage the frame. And then other platform racks could have center of mass, which have hooks that push down on top of your frame, which overtime could possibly scuff it up. With this platform rack, we're not going to worry about any type of frame contact.We're going to have a wheel hook putting downward force on top of our front wheel, forcing it down into the cradle down here. And we're also going to have a wheel strap on the back wheel. This bike rack is also going to come with integrated cable locks that are on the tops of each of our hook arms.

And you see, it comes out, wraps around the frame of our bike and locks into place right there. It's going to be a great theft deterrent for our bikes. So no one can come up and remove it without that key. Now like most platform racks, we are going to be able to tilt this away from the vehicle to gain access to our trunk. One thing is a little bit strange about this tilt away feature is that because we have two ad-ons on the back of a two bike rack, our handle is kind of way up here.It's going to be hard for me to be able to lift up on the bike rack, pull the handle and get it to tilt away without risking injuring myself.

So I'm just going to bring in an extra set of hands. All we're going to do, I'm going to lift up on the rack just a little bit while he pulls the handle. Once he does that, I can tilt it away just like that. And that would mean just come up front and open up our hatch to grab whatever cargo that we might need for our trip. Or even if we're making a stop on the way for groceries or something like that.

We have enough space to be able to grab it and get it out. Now when lifting it back up, you want to make sure you grab a hold of the bike rack itself and not any of the bikes attached.Again right here, it may be beneficial to grab an extra set of hands. And with having four bikes loaded, the chances of you being alone are very slim. So all I'm going to do is grab a hold of the bike rack down here and then bring it up until it locks into place. With this bike rack loaded, we are going to have a weight capacity of 45 pounds per bike loaded. That's going to be more than enough for all of your road bikes and standard mountain bikes. Now, if you want to carry something like an e-bike, that's going to be on the heavier side, getting closer to 50 to 60 pounds, you can actually remove the two bike extension on the back and that'll make the weight capacity for the front two cradles go up to 60 pounds per bike so it can handle the weight of those heavier bikes.All you would have to do is remove the bolts on this side and right here, and then pull off the two bike extension. And if you do decide to do this, you want to make sure you remove the two bolts right here, take the end cap off and then put it on the back of your two bike rack. This bike rack is going to be compatible with two inch by two inch hitch receivers. You see, we have an anti-rattle hitch pin that is locking it down. And with that, it's going to take away the shake and play from our bike rack even when we travel at high speeds. You can see the vehicle is moving around and the bikes are still steady. And there is also going to be a lock on the other side, and that's going to be a great theft deterrent.And so it's going to be key to like with your cable locks. When you're ready to unload your bikes, it's going to be pretty simple. We'll go ahead and get these back two unloaded so we can have a closer look at the rack. Want to make sure to get your cable locks off. How they operate, just insert your key, unlock it. Comes around your bike, with this little piece right here, just lock it back into place on the cable lock. And that's going to stow into the arm of your bike rack. Now, in my opinion, you should always start with the wheel strap before you go to the hook. So we'll go ahead and just remove that.And then there's going to be a blue trigger on the hook. We're going to push that down and lift up on the hook and then fold it down. And now it's very easy to unload our bikes. Now, right here is another advantage of not having that sensor mask that has the frame hook pushing down. I can still access my front two bikes without those masks getting in the way. I'm not going to have to maneuver around, to try to get it off. That's just going to be a lot easier on me. Now for storage purposes, it's always a good idea to fold them up to the other side and then replace your straps. Now with the bike rack empty, we can get a closer look at the cradles right here. We're going to be able to fit tire sizes up to three inches wide, which is going to be big enough for most of your standard mountain bikes and especially your road bikes.With our road bikes, we actually have a small slot right here in the backstop, which the road bike tires be able to fit right into to have a snug fit. And we have our smaller mountain bike tires right here, and then our bigger ones for the outside. Now what's really cool is that we have these wheel trays offset from each other for maximum spacing. You can see that the two outside holes on this cradle do not line up with the ones on this one. Like I said, it's going to optimize bike spacing to make sure that our handlebars and our bike pedals don't make contact with each other. Now, if you do have any type of height restriction, you can always come to the side to unload these. And it's a little bit easier for you. If not, I'm just going to stay on the backside and lift it off.And then when you're all done, be sure to fold up your hooks and replace your straps. Now, something you always want to keep in mind that any hitch mounted accessory you have on your vehicle is going to add to the length of it. Now with this bike rack, from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost part of our rack, it's going to be 51 inches. Now, obviously, if you have a bike loaded on the last tray, it will be an additional two to three inches, depending on the width of your handlebars. Now we can actually cut down on that space by folding this bike rack up flat towards the vehicle. And like I talked about earlier, it is a little bit of a pain to come up and under to grab that lever. But all we're going to do is just reach up, push it.And then we can just stand up and fold it towards the vehicle. And when it locks into place like that, you can see we've taken away a ton of space on the back of our vehicle. If we go from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost part, we're down to 16 inches, that's a huge difference. Any close quarters situations. Like if you want to park in your garage, this feature is going to come in handy. Now, this is a very solid bike rack. I really like the feature that you can take off the one or the two bike extension to convert it to a three or a two bike rack. If you either want to get a higher weight capacity for your front two cradles, or even just take a little bit of length off your vehicle. Now it is easy to do. However, it is kind of tedious as there's a lot of little nuts and bolts you got to be able to take out to pull it out.There is other bike racks available that are a little bit easier to take the extensions off. One of them that comes to mind is going to be the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE, four bike rack. But that one is just a knob you loosen, a pin you pull and you can pull off the two bike extension. Overall, they're both going to be great racks. However, that Hollywood racks does have the center mast that you'll have to maneuver around to be able to get your bikes loaded and it will make contact with your frame. So there's pros and cons to both of them. Now, even though we only have two points of contact per bike, they're still going to be very solid and very steady on our bike rack. Let's show you guys how this performed on our test course. A person's going to be our inaudible 00:00:07:39. We're just going to simulate side to side action, like evasive movement or taking a sharp turn. Now, we're onto the solid speed bumps, which is going to simulate the up and down action, like going over a speed bump for pulling into your driveway.And now, our alternating speed inaudible 00:07:56, which is going to simulate driving over uneven pavement like inaudible 00:07:56. Now, some of our customers are a little bit wary of is, folding is up towards the vehicle while the hook can still move. Now it shouldn't ever move, but if you're still a little bit weary of it, there's a nice little tip. We'll just bring hook up down a little bit. And we'll actually secure the strap while it's on the hook. That way, when it's up against your vehicle, it's not going to come up. New bike racks are also going to come with a wall mount. This is going to help you get up and out of the way when it's not in use, you do want to make sure, however, you find a strong stud to mount it to. We have our bike rack right here. We have our hitch pin back in the hole with a lock on the other side. We'll just pick it up, put it on that slide. Now, this is going to be handy for getting your bike rack up and off of the ground.That's going to prevent you from tripping over it, it's going to prevent it from getting scratched up when it's in storage. And it's also going to keep your garage organized instead of having it laying everywhere. Now, with the bike rack out of the hitch, we can show you a little bit closer look at this anti-rattle system. Not only is the bolt gonna tighten it down and take away the side to side movement, but as I tighten down this bolt, you're going to see that ball come up and out of the shank. That's going to wedge it down into the hitch to make sure it takes away the up and down movement as well. When you're ready to load up your bike rack, it's good to just get it ready. All we're going to do is flip over all of our arms so that we can get all the bikes loaded at once. And we also need to go through and loosen all of our straps.And what's nice is the other side of the straps have a little hook. You just stick it right on through and it'll hold itself, just like that. You always want to make sure you load your heaviest bikes first. They have a little bit of a height restriction, then you can always go from the side. But the easiest thing to do is just hold it right here, bring that hookup and ratchet it down onto the wheel. And then don't forget to secure your strap. You'll notice our reflector's in the way of our strap. Just spin your wheel. And you're good.If your pedals happen to get in the way of each other, it doesn't take much just to move them out of the way. Like so. And of course, don't forget to secure all of your cable locks so you can have a theft deterrent for your bikes. Now, once you have all of your bikes secured and locked down, you can be ready to hit the road. Well, I hope with some information help you guys out. Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the RockyMounts SplitRail LS, four bike rack.

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