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RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

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Review of the RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Speaker 1: So today in our 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, we're going to be test fitting the RockyMounts BackStage two bar platform rack for two inch hitches. Part number RKY10002. We have a bike installed on the rack, and this is a pretty unique bike rack when it comes to platform styles, because it has two really big functions about it. Like most platform styles, this can tilt away from the vehicle with both bikes still attached to gain rear hatch access. And to do that, they have this blue handle at the end, and you hold onto the bike rack, release that and let it come towards you. That's pretty nice, because most of the other platform style racks will have either the pins or switches up towards the front, which can be kind of easy, or 'scuse me, which can be kind of hard to get to, because you have two bikes attached and you have to reach through them.So pulling that lever towards us, and then I get it to come towards us.

Then we have full hatch access to get what we need. And plenty of clearance in between the handlebars and the hatch itself. But when you need this moved out of the way completely, this also swings completely out of the way too if you have something a little bit bulky in the back that you need to lift out. Lift up until you hear the click. And to swing it out, start by going to the blue handle here at the base, loosening it up all the way.

Bringing it out to about 90 degrees, and then we'll swing it in. And push it out the rest of the way.And to put it back into place, you simply reverse the process, but first, pull up on the blue tab here in the center to let it get to the swing portion again. Lift up on the blue tab here . and push it in the rest of the way.How the bike is attached to the rack: we'll have two points of contact. We'll have this rear wheel strap here, and then we'll have this wheel hook up at the front.

Now, what makes it nice about being a wheel hook is, you can fit a wide variety of bikes, plus it's a lot easier on the carbon framed bikes out there, and won't damage the frames at all like the main mast ones would. By now we have a road bike on this, but this will also fit mountain bikes, alternate frame bikes, kids' bikes and in some cases, inaudible 00:02:58 bikes as long as they're less than five inches wide.With the rear wheel cradles here, these do go back and forth. This is what helps accommodate bikes of different sizes. And with their wheel hook, this does ratchet down into place for a nice, secure fit. So I'll start by removing the bike first, and you come to the inside here, where this blue switch is.

Push it in, that'll release the strap. Then holding onto our bike so it doesn't fall into the vehicle, we'll push this blue trigger at the base to release it. And here's that ratcheting action to push it in place. And we'll lift our bike up and off.Hold everything up nice and neat. And I'd like to give you a couple of quick measurements. First off, if folded flat. We do have access to our rear hatch again. Measuring from the edge of the bumper to our outermost point, we've added 32 and a half inches to the rear of the vehicle. Our ground clearance is about 20 inches, and our closest point . that's going to be about eight and a quarter inches to this edge here. Now with it folded flat, we can't fold it up against the vehicle as well for those close quarter situations. You're going to come to that switch at the bottom, and push up. Now we've only added 16 and a half inches to the rear of the vehicle. Our ground clearance is 11 and a quarter inches. Our closest point is going to be about four inches to this edge here.How this is held in place, we have an anti-inaudible 00:05:03 bolt which once tightened down, will take out the shank and plain 00:05:05. The shank will make for a smoother ride. We also have this lock on the other end of it, to secure to your vehicle. Now, this lock is keyed alike with the lock for this pan 00:05:14 here, which can be utilized with the cable inaudible 00:05:17 which does come with the bike rack as well to secure your bikes to the bike rack.There you have it for the RockyMounts BackStage two bike platform rack for our 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.(video)Etrailer.comExpert serviceFast shippingLowest prices800.298.8924.

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