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RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2019 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the RockyMounts Hitch Bike Racks on a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the RockyMounts MonoRail Solo Bike Rack on our 2019 Toyota Highlander. This one right here is the Solo, so we're only going to be able to carry one bike to and from our destination, but we can actually grab an extension, and that's going to allow us to have two bikes on there. Also, we actually do have a two bike version that comes with a two inch shank. Unlike the one we have here, it's going to be both, but that one, two inch shank version of the two bike version of this bike rack, we can actually add another one onto that, so there is some options here. If you like the MonoRail, we're going to be able to get either just the one, or two, or even get the three bike rack version for this.

Be sure, and just check our website out, watch some videos, see what you guys think you'll like best, and make your decision.This one right here is just going to be the solo, so we are going to have one bike that we're going to be able to carry. We will be able to carry up to 60 pounds per bike. It might be good for our electric bikes, or even our fat tire bikes, because our wheel cradle back here, and up front, are going to give us about five inches of tire width, so it's going to be great for those fat bikes. Also, we will be able to just pretty much tie any wheel down. All we really need to do, is just push this little tab in to get this out.Before we do that, let me just go over one of the best features of this bike rack.

With it on, we can tilt it away from our vehicle. Just pull this little blue knob here. We're going to tilt it away. We already checked in this Highlander, we don't have any contact with our back hatch, so that's definitely a plus. You don't have to worry about removing your bike rack, or removing your bike, to have to get into the back of your hatch.

If you're on the road, and you're in some random city, and need something out of the back, you don't have to set your bike somewhere, and hope someone won't take it. You can just access it with it attached, which is always nice. Another thing that we do have for a theft deterrent, just to kind of give you more peace of mind. You got to put this back up like so.. There we go, awesome.Another thing is our bike cable here.

It comes with it. We kind of loop it around itself, and then we can hook it onto this stud here. We will get a key that comes with our kit. That'll just give you a little bit of added security. Not a lot of bike racks come with that, so just know it comes with this one. If that helps you make you guys' decision, awesome.Let's just go ahead, and just see how this thing comes off the rack. I am going to start with the wheel cradle, as it doesn't really hold the bike upright, just kind of helps with that vertical movement. Press the blue tab here, like so. Push this through, just like that. It only kind of just controls that vertical movement, really. Now, when we're doing our front one here, I do suggest putting a hand on our bike, just so it doesn't fall into our vehicle, or onto me. First, I'm going to take this off real quick, just so we can get our bike unlocked. I'm just going to toss this aside for now. All right, so hand on our bike, press this little lever over here, just like that. It's going to be able to slide up, and fold out. Now, you can go ahead and just take your bike off the rack.I always just try to replace these, but I'm not using them. That's just all personal preference. Then, what we're going to do, is kind of just fold this thing back, like so. What I'm going to do, since it doesn't really lock into place, just kind of pull this down underneath this cradle, just so it's not going to go anywhere. Then, of course, this part here, we can fold down. That is going to be useful when you tilt it up towards our vehicle, but first let's see how much length we added to the back of our vehicle and this orientation.From our bumper, to the edge, is going to be about 24 inches, which isn't a whole lot. If you have a smaller garage, we might not even have to tilt it up for it to fit. That same exact leverage is going to do that tilting action for us. It'll snap into place, and that's going to break it down to about 17 inches, so you get a decent amount of that length cut down. Even if you do have a really small driveway, or a very small garage, we will be able to take that down a little bit.Let's look down at our shank, here. We do have a decent rise in our shank, but notice, right here. This is a inch and a quarter inch shaft, here, and that's going to make it compatible with that inch and a quarter hitch receiver, but we have a sleeve right here, and that's what's making it compatible with our two inch hitch receiver that you see. It's always nice buying products, knowing that we will be able to put it on two different size hitches, so just be sure and check, make sure that you have the right size, one of the two, and you should be good.We're going to go over a couple more measurements just to see if we're going to bottom out at all. I'm going to give you two. I'm going to get one from this part of our shank. After the rise, is going to be about 17 and a quarter inches, and one right here, it's going to be about 13 and three quarter inches. So, I don't think we'll have a whole lot of problems bottoming out, but just be mindful that you have that, if you have a very aggressive, steep driveway, something like that.Another thing that it does come with: another lock on our anti-rattle bolt down low right here, and it's going to be key to lock with our cable lock. That's always nice just to have. Again, it's just another peace of mind that you'll get with this bike rack. It does come with an anti-rattle bolt, and it does exactly what it sounds like. It takes all that rattling out of the inside of the hitch, so your bike rack is going to be extremely secured to the inside of your hitch receiver. You can see the Highlander's really moving, and we don't have any play on the inside of our hitch. Other than that, that's pretty much it for our look at the RockyMounts MonoRail Solo Bike Rack, on our 2019 Toyota Highlander..

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