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RockyMounts SplitRail LS 2 Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the RockyMounts SplitRail LS 2 Bike Platform Rack

Ellen: Hey guys, I'm Ellen here at, and today we're going to take a look at the RockyMounts SplitRail LS. This is going to be a two-bike rack, but we do have the option of putting an add-on to this bike rack, so we can make it go from a two-bike rack to a three or a four. So that's going to be a very versatile rack to haul any bikes we'd want to take out on the road.A couple features that make this bike rack really nice to use is that it comes with two cable locks. They're going to be at either end of the upright mast, so you can put this around your frame to secure that down. We'll also have our key to undo that. Basically, we'll just want to open that up, drops out this smaller portion, and that lets you wrap it around your frame or another secure point on your bike.

That'll clip back to itself, and then you can lock it down.The other nice feature is that our tilt-away handle is on the outer side of our bike rack, so we don't have to reach through our bikes or get in between our vehicle and our bike rack to get access to that. It's going to be a blue handle underneath this outer platform, so whenever you grab that, you'll also want to get a good handle on the bike rack too, so it doesn't all come down on you. Pull out on that handle. I've just got a hand on the mast here, allows me to drop that down nice and easy, and then I can get into my back hatch. So if you forgot anything, you need to grab your ...

Maybe your helmet and your gloves, you'll still have plenty of access to get in and grab whatever you need and go.When we're done getting anything out of our back hatch, we don't have to pull anything out, we can just push it up back into ride height, and it just snaps into place with that nice loud audible click. Some other bike racks you have to push out that pin or pull the pin out again to get it back to ride height, but with this one, it's just that easy.The SplitRail LS can handle a lot of different bike styles, excluding the fat bike style. Those wheels are typically just too wide for this bike rack, since our trays can only fit a wheel three inches wide. So that's something to keep in mind there, but just about anything else, including your e-bikes, those tend to be on the heavier size, and whenever we have the LS in the two-bike configuration like you see it here, it can handle up to 60 pounds per bike. So, should be just enough for you to get any of those e-bikes mounted on there.

Your road bikes, mountain bikes, can handle just about anything there, and there's no frame contact, so you don't have to worry about any scratching or abrasions to our nice carbon-fiber bike frame. It's just going to mount onto the wheel.The strap that comes over to attach your rear tire, since the channel is so deep, it just doesn't really keep your rear wheel very secure. The upright arm is going to do most of the work there, so it's not like this is going to be an unsecure bike rack, it's just a weird design to me. The construction of the bike rack itself is going to be a chrome-moly steel with aluminum, so it's going to be very resistant to any kind of corrosion, has a nice black powder coat finish over everything, so again, we don't have to worry about any rusting.There's also a handle. That same handle that we used to fold the bike rack down, or to tilt it down, we can use to fold it up into a more compact position.

So, if you're backing into a parking space, it's going to make it a lot easier, so you're not having the whole bike rack take up all that space. Again, to drop it down, pull that handle until it goes into the platform position.Our wheel trays have an open design to allow any dirt or debris like gravel to fall through and not collect in the trays. We'll also have our flexible strap to keep our wheels in place. You might notice this little spike next to our strap. That's to hold our strap out of the way while we get our bike mounted, so you can just thread the hole on the end of the strap through the spike. Our wheel trays can be moved side to side to offset the handlebars and seats, so that you can better fit your bikes together whenever they're all mounted up. The way to do that is to remove the two bolts on either side of each tray, so it'll be four bolts total, take the bolts out, drop them into the new position that you need it, and tighten those back down. We can do that for both trays. We can also make an adjustment to our straps by sliding them along the tray to get them in the right position.Now that we've talked about the main features of the SplitRail, let's look at how to load up a bike. I'll bring our hook up and out, we've already got it all the way up, and then we can undo our strap and place it in that little keeper so it's out of the way. Just drop it into place. You want to keep a hand on your bike, and adjust the hook down. Now, the way that this is designed, you'll want to have this fit snugly up against the fork and the tire to keep everything nice and secure, so I'll press that down until the bike's snug. You also want your wheel to rest in the topmost point or the apex of that hook. Then we can come back and attach our wheel strap. Going to rotate my wheel back here so that my reflector's not in the way, and get that tight. And now we can repeat the same process for our other bike.Now let's take it out on the road and see how it performs. As we go over our bumps, you'll see there's some movement in our bike rack, which is pretty typical. These bumps are to simulate going over potholes or uneven pavement. Now we'll take it into the slalom portion of our course, inaudible 00:06:18 evasive maneuvers or tight cornering. Again, we'll have a little bit of movement in our rack, but nothing that's too problematic.As I mentioned before, we do have a locking hitch pin that's going to keep our bike rack secure, and the lock is keyed alike to the cable locks on the end of our upright arms. That makes it easy so we don't have to have multiple keys to get everything locked and unlocked. The shank is designed to work in a two-inch hitch only, so keep that in mind, and there is a design change here with the RockyMounts SplitRail LS from the older version of the SplitRail. Now, the shank has a rise to it, so that's going to give us better ground clearance overall. That's especially important when we're going over bumps, coming in and out of driveways, and going over any steep terrain. And that's going to do it for our look at the RockyMounts SplitRail LS two-bike rack.

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