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RockyMounts WestSlope 2-Bike Rack Review

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Review of the RockyMounts WestSlope 2-Bike Rack

Colin: Hey, everyone. I'm Colin, here at etrailer, and today we're gonna take a look at RockyMounts WestSlope 2 Bike Platform Rack. This is gonna be a hitch-mounted bike rack for 1-1/4" or 2" hitches, whatever your vehicle might have. It's gonna be able to carry up to two bikes to and from your destination. It's gonna do a great job of securing your bikes with no frame contact, so if you're particular about keeping your frame maintained, you don't really like anything touching it, it's gonna be a great option for you. It holds it at the front wheel with the wheel hook, and then a back strap holds the rear wheel.

Now, it's also gonna be good for bikes with alternative frame styles or kinda those weird looking frame bikes, kinda like what we have in the back right here, where it doesn't really have a downtube or anything like that. You're not gonna have to worry about trying to secure those with those odd frames.What I really like about this bike rack is that it has a tiered mounting system, so the first bike is mounted right here, and then it goes about three or four inches up to where the second bike is mounted. That's gonna help eliminate any handlebar contact from occurring between your two bikes. It's gonna help prevent just kind of that rubbing effect that a lot of bikes might have when they we're mounted level. It's also going to increase your ground clearance at the back so you won't have as much of an issue bottoming out if you're going up a steep incline.Now, let's take a little closer look at our bikes' connection points to the rack.

On the back we're gonna have a strap securing the rear wheel. You're gonna be able to operate it from both sides, so when unloading you can press that tab in and take the strap all the way out like so, or you can do it from the other side as well. Press that tab in. Take the strap out. You could even take the strap out completely if you want to store it in your vehicle when it's not in use.The rear cradle pivots back and forth to help accommodate for bikes of different lengths.

When you're loading it up, just push down, and it'll tilt to whatever length your bike is to make sure that it's flush all the way with your tire. And up front we're gonna have this wheel hook putting downward force on top of our front wheel of our bike, forcing it down into the wheel cradle. How the hook operates to release it, you push in on the blue trigger button, lift up. Now from here, you can actually fold the arm down. That's just gonna make for easier unloading, so you don't have to maneuver around it.

When loading it up, you wanna try to get it as close to the brakes as you can without making contact with your brakes. Just push down, you're gonna hear a click like that. Like so. From there just give it a good push. Make sure it's secure.Now like a lot of platform racks, we're gonna be able to tilt this away from the vehicle to gain rear hatch access. If we come down here, this is gonna be a blue T-pin. Once we pull on that, we'll be able to tilt away. You wanna make sure that you have a grip on your bike rack, so that it just doesn't fall on your head. Once we pull it, we can tilt it away. Just let it go slow.Now from here, we're able to open up the trunk of our vehicle and grab whatever cargo we might need. Now I do wanna point out that depending on the vehicle you have, how big the hatch is, and depending on the handlebar spread you have, you may run into some trouble if you got that wide handlebar spread, or if you got a minivan or something like that with a very long hatch that it might make contact.When tilting it back up, you wanna make sure that you grab ahold of the bike rack itself and not the bikes attached. The easiest way, in my opinion, is just to squat down, grab ahold of these two support bars, and just tilt it up until you hear it latch. Just like that. Now let's go ahead and unload our bikes so we can take a closer look at the rack.Now with this bike rack we're gonna have a weight capacity of 40 pounds per bike, and we're also going to be able to fit bike tire sizes up to three inches wide. What's nice is that this bike rack was engineered to have this little slot in the middle of each cradle to accommodate for those smaller road bike tires, and then we're obviously going to be able to fit our bigger, three-inch wide mountian bike tires in this cradle as well.When not in use, the arms are going to fold down. Sometimes what I'll like to do is either tuck them right behind the rear cradle, or you could even take the strap out and strap down your hook to make sure they don't ever pop up.With any hitch-mounted accessory, you are gonna have added length to your vehicle, so I'm gonna give you a measurement from the center of the hitch-pin hole to the outermost part of the rack so you can determine how much you've added onto the back of your vehicle. It's about 40 inches from the center of the hitch-pin hole to the outermost part of the rack, which you can actually cut down on that length if your bike rack is empty by folding it up towards your vehicle. How we're gonna do that is the same blue T-pin that we used to tilt it away. We're going to pull that, except instead, we're going to fold it towards the vehicle. Just like that. Now, at this point, from the center of the hitch-pin hole to the outermost point, it's gonna be 13 inches, which is a pretty big difference. That's something you wanna keep in mind for any tight situation, such as parking in a tight parking spot.On our vehicle right here, we have an 1-1/4" by 1-1/4" receiver, but if you have a vehicle that has a 2" by 2" receiver it does come with this included sleeve that you can put on the end of the shank and tighten it down to convert the shank to a 2" by 2" shank. Now we're also gonna have a threaded anti-rattle bolt that we have tightened down, and that just helps take away a lot of the shake and play from our bike rack while we're traveling. It's really gonna cut down on a lot of that rattling, all that noise, that you might hear in the back.Now, the bike rack's gonna have a nice, durable aluminum and steel construction, and it's gonna have a nice, black powder coat finish, which'll help resist rust and corrosion. So this bike rack's gonna be able to endure the elements very well.Now, this bike rack does not come with any locks or integrated lock cables, but there is a lock that you can purchase separately, here at etrailer. It's gonna include a cable lock to secure your bikes, and it's also going to include a hitch-pin lock, so you can put that on the end of your anti-rattle bolt to make sure that no one can remove your bike rack when it's unattended.Let's take a look at it on our test course real quick. Up first is gonna be our slalom, which is gonna simulate side-to-side action and evasive maneuvering. Now onto our solid speed bumps, which is gonna simulate driving over a speed bump or pulling into your driveway. And now our alternating speed bumps, which is gonna simulate driving over uneven pavement or potholes.That's gonna do it for our look at RockyMounts WestSlope 2 Bike Platform Rack. Hope this information helped.



Is this rack compatible with a class 1 hitch?

Etrailer Expert

Kef G.


This bike rack can fit a Class I hitch, but RockyMounts does not recommend it. Instead, I recommend going with the Thule T2 Classic, part # TH9045 . It's rated for Class I hitches and has the same wheel-mount design.

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