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Rola Platypus Expandable Roof Top Bag Review

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Review of the Rola Platypus Expandable Roof Top Bag

Today, we'll be reviewing the Rola Platypus expandable rooftop bag with 15 cubic feet, part number 59100. This rooftop bag holds up to 15 cubic feet of gear. The bag itself is expandable from 10 cubic feet to 15 cubic feet by unzipping the bottom zipper shown here. The top zipper shown here is a zipper to allow you to open the cargo bag and load your gear. The hook and loop fastener, here on the zipper flap, allows you to further protect your gear from the elements by holding the zipper flap down. The bag is made out of premium quality construction and the thick padded bottom protects the rooftop of your vehicle.

The eight tie down straps with clips make sure that the bag is secure, while also making it easy to install. The aerodynamic styling and sensing straps improve the fit of the bag and appearance. To assist us in loading the cargo bag and securing the bag to the vehicle, we will be using the Hitch Mate adjustable tire step, part number HE4040. We'll now throw the bag on top of the vehicle and use the first zipper to expand the cargo bag, the second zipper to open it up. We'll unfold the cargo bag all the way out and place our gear into the bag.

We'll bring the top flap over the cargo and use the zipper to close it. We'll then use the zipper flap to fold over the zippers to further protect our cargo from the elements. We'll then use the eight straps to swing around our crossbars or roof rack system to secure the bag to the vehicle. And now with our bag secured to the vehicle and our gear loaded up, we're ready to head on down the road. And that concludes today's review of the Rola Platypus expandable rooftop bag, 15 cubic feet, part number 59100..

Questions and Comments about this Video

Donald D.
Really useless “review”……like how about actually using it on the road for a few weeks, rather than telling us the bleeding obvious of how to use a zipper. What a freaking waste of time watching this.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

We have an enormous collection of unique products. Most products have no video at all. Some have a quick "look and see" video such as this one, and some have a fully on installation and demonstration video. There just is not enough time to fully video all the products. If you have questions about this product just reply back here.