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Rola Escapade Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rola Escapade Rooftop Cargo Bag

Hey guys. Today we're gonna be checking out the Rola Escapade Rooftop Cargo Bag. I've got it in place in my etrailer roof-mounted cargo basket here, but this sort of thing can be actually mounted directly to your roof and tied off to your crossbars. This rooftop storage bag is gonna be a great addition to your cargo basket. Normally, your gear would be exposed, but by using the bag we're able to properly stack and secure our gear.This bag has an aerodynamic slope design to it. You can see here how it's not so boxy, it's actually rounded off here in the front, in the back it's square.

This is gonna help that wind kinda jump over the bag, rather than just hitting it head-on, so it's gonna create less noise on our roof.This bag uses four straps to anchor it in place. We've got two in the front here, and then two on the side, that way it's not going anywhere.Now the straps are designed to go through the loops attached to the bag here, this is so they don't end up sliding off the bag and completely coming off. They'll remain in place this way. We've got various locations depending on how much we put in our bag.The buckles when disconnected are gonna help release some of that tension, although they're not that easy to completely remove even though it's disconnected. You'll have to guide it all the way back around to completely take them off.You can see here, though, we have a hook and loop strap that's gonna help keep that excess strap from just flapping in the wind when we go down the road.

As you can see here, I went around the cargo basket, and then we'd have to come back up through the loop to take it off completely.Here on the side of the bag, it'll give you a better view of the other two straps. These two are guided through various loops that are stitched to our bag. That way, they do not end up coming off the bag. They're the same exact straps as the two in the front. When we're ready to take them off, we can disconnect and guide them back up through.

Now, you'll also wanna have these undone so you can easily access the zipper underneath the flap.It's made out of a heavy-duty vinyl. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof, so any water-sensitive items that you might have in the bag, I recommend maybe putting them in a plastic bag.To access the bag, we can unzip it. The zipper's protected by a large flap here, so the elements don't get through the zipper. We've got hook and loop to keep that flap down, that way the wind doesn't catch it and rise it up. We'll just work our way around ...

until we get to the corner. From here, we can just open it up, and the large opening is gonna give us more than enough room to pack our gear.Now, inside I'm using an air mattress to help blow up the bag, that way you can get a better view of how big it is. Here on the inside it's made out of the same heavy-duty vinyl, so we don't need to worry about it damaging our gear, or whatever else we might have inside.The bag is about 16 inches tall, but when we use the expansion it gives us that height of 24 1/2 inches. The way it works is we unzip it all the way, and then we can load up more gear. As you can see here, with more air in the mattress, we've got it pumped up, gave us just a little bit more room up top and in the corners.But that's gonna complete our look at the Rola Escapade Rooftop Cargo Bag.