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Rola Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of the Rola Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Randy: Hey guys. Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a 2-pack of straps from Rola. So these are gonna be light duty straps that are gonna be really ideal for use in trailers, trucks, or really anywhere else where you need to secure some items away.Something I really like is the very unique design of them. You can see we've got a full molded aluminum handle here, and a nice red color to it, so unlike a lot of the straps that we see out there in the market, these actually look pretty nice.You see that gives us a nice wide contact area for our hand to get in there and then the little holes should give us some grip. So this is very easy to use when tensioning it down.

I really liked it. You notice right here we've got the black button. We pull it and that allows us to turn our handle and get it up into the release position. You see, moving it all the way flat, helps release, bring that back, ratchet it down.It has good leverage, especially for a ratchet strap of this type. Generally this handle's only about this long and it's hard to get good leverage applied.

But with this one being nice and wide and long, you can get all the pressure you want very quickly on it.On the rest of the ratchet here it's gonna have this steel construction that's what gives us that nice high weight capacity. It's gonna have a clear zinc finish on it so we don't have to worry about rust and things like that for a long time to come. Overall I'd say this material is gonna be right in line with most of your other light duty straps. I haven't seen many that are much thicker, but really there aren't really much thinner than this either.As far as the strap material goes, it's gonna be pretty standard. It's not as thin as some but it's not as thick as others.

Has a nice soft feel to it so if your gonna take this around anything that might be more delicate, I really don't think you're gonna have to worry about many issues there. On each end of our strap we're gonna have a nylon coated S hook that's gonna give us nice good strength and durability with that steel core and then that nylon's gonna protect any surfaces that we might be concerned with.Something that I wish we had on this one or something I wish Rola would have included would have been some type of keeper. You're gonna see a lot of straps out there with S hooks just like this that don't have keepers, they can just sometimes be a pain to get connected on each side and work the ratchet.The strap is gonna be 10 foot long and 1 inch wide. So it's gonna give you a good deal of reach. I like that length 'cause it's not too long, we don't have a bunch of excess strap that we need to take care of, but on utility trailers for this application or in truck beds, I think it's gonna work out really well.It has a safe working load limit of 600 pounds so you don't wanna exceed that.

We always use that safe working load limit as our max limit. And another thing we always recommend using these in pairs. So comes as a 2-pack, it's not really a big deal, but if one of these we're to fail, it's good to know that we have another one for backup.To begin the installation process, we'll need to feed our strap through our buckle, or through our ratchet. It's gonna be a center barrel there. You can see that's got a slot in it so we'll bring it through that slot, gonna flip it over just like that, bring it right over the top on our handle side. That'll have it loaded.At that point just hang onto it there. Need to feed it through whatever you plan on tying down. So we're just doing a 4-wheeler here. Now the thing with these straps, and when you're using them you see, if I let tension off here, that hook's just gonna come down. It's pretty standard with these straps. Now a good way to get around that is to get a set of straps that have spring keepers or some type of keeper here, some of them have just a cap that comes over. One you've made your connection it'll kinda hold them in place for you.Once we do have it connected and right, gonna take out most of our slack there and its just a matter of working our ratchet handle. See that's gonna get the force we need. Get our items secured down. Put it all the way in that position. And then our tag end we just need to get this tidied up. And as long as we've got the right amount of straps on it, we're gonna be ready to head right down the road.

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