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Rumber 8 inch Long Recycled Rubber Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Rumber 8 inch Long Recycled Rubber Wheel Chock

Adam: Hi, everyone, Adam, with Today, we're going to be taking a look at some Rumber wheel chocks, and these specifically are going to be the eight inch long chocks. So what these are going to do is just help keep your trailer in place. But when it comes to wheel chocks, pretty much if it works, it works. But what really sets these apart is not only does it help your trailer stay put, but it's also made of recycled plastic so you're also helping the world. So these are going to be a great replacement for some of the items that you're using as chocks, but aren't chocks.

Whether it's a brick, piece of wood, or even just a four by four, or even if you just have one and it's just not really cutting it.So even if you do have an existing chock, honestly, this is definitely going to be an upgrade. One thing I noticed right away, just the way this thing wants to roll. I don't necessarily know if that's going to do a whole lot if it's put under a bunch of pressure, but with this thing, I won't be able to really roll it without actually just picking it up and rolling it over. And I do definitely think that this is going to have more traction and I can even tell underneath here, there are some scuff marks and this is a lot harder. With this, since it's recycled plastic and rubber, I think we're going to have a lot more grip.

So the eight inch chock is going to be pretty versatile. I've seen it on smaller trailers than this, and I've also actually seen them on some big rigs as well. So they do come in a couple of different sizes and orientation. So we're going to go inside and go over all that for you guys and then come back out and go over some specs.So these are all the wheel chocks that Rumber does have at etrailer that we have available. There's going to be different sizes and of course, variations as well.

We're going to have the eight inch chocks. We're going to have the 12 inch chocks. We're going to have the 16 inch chocks. And of course the big old 20 inch chocks. We are going to have, obviously just the ones in the single, it's going to have a little loop on one side, but then all of them are going to come with the variations of either a three foot chain in between two of them, or a five foot chain in between both of them.

So it really just depends on what equipment you guys are working with for your single tire, smaller trailers. I do think we can get away with the eight inch chock.With the 12 inch chock, it is going to be for maybe those wider tires on those single tire trailers that you guys may have. And then we'll have the big 16s. This is when we kind of get into the duly type trailers or campers, whatever you may be storing somewhere and you need them not to roll, obviously. And then of course we have the big boys, the big 20 inches, and these are mainly going to be for your massive dually trailers. Maybe you're even just at a campsite with an RV and you're not on concrete or gravel. So you're going to see a lot of sinkage. So with this, we're just going to have a lot more surface area to be able to put on the ground so they're not going to sink.There was a couple of times where I saw a couple of chocks that we're kind of sunk into the ground on a construction site. And I do believe that these will give you more surface area and prevent that from happening. But at the end of the day, it all just depends on what equipment you guys have, and that will determine what shocks you need.But today, what we're going to be doing is focusing solely on the assortment of eight inch chocks. So these are going to be able to be used on a variety of different things. You see it on a trailer here, it could be a boat trailer, a car, a truck, a van, a construction trailer, an RV. You could even have it for one of your big semis or even for your fifth wheel slider applications as well. It's going to work great for that too. If it's got wheels, you can chock it.We are going to have a lot of rigid sides here, and this is just going to help your tire just get extra traction. A lot of those other ones are just nice and flat with a little bit of grips on them. This thing, it's definitely going to hook up to your tire, and I do think it's a pretty good design, to be honest. On top of that, we are going to have obviously eight inches across here and they are going to be about seven and three quarter inches long this way. And they are going to sit up about four and three quarter inches tall. And one thing that you guys we're mostly concerned with when it comes to rubber wheel chocks is the smell. And to be honest, it's not that headache type rubber smell. Since it's recycled, it's actually not too bad. So over time, this thing isn't going to fade, it is going to be UV resistant. And also just the fact that it's made of tires. It's not really going to damage your tire. It's going to be the same surface rubbing against the same surface. So I don't think it's going to splinter or crack and then puncture your tire.Over time I can kind of see maybe some of these more plastic-y type chocks, maybe they will splinter and maybe they'll actually just kind of explode. You can see some of the stress marks here. So if you really push it to the edge, this thing might just explode and splinter into your tire. And that's something we don't want. That's something this thing is not going to do. Another thing, if you have leaky brakes, brake fluid is extremely corrosive. It's not going to affect this and it's not going to absorb into it either. And that goes the same with gas, waters, oils, all that jazz. So that's definitely a plus. Also with the single one here, we are going to have a little loop and that's just going to be nice to store it or something like that.But we're also going to have two different size chains as well. And that's just going to make for super easy removal of both of your chocks. So for our chains here, they are going to come in a five foot, which is what you're seeing here. So if you have a dual axle anything, you can put this on the back of one and on the front of the other. This is going to make it super easy just to get them all out at once. So you don't have to have one here and one on the other side, we'll have to grab this one, hold it, grab the other one, hold it, go to the other side. Probably going to be difficult to hold four chocks, but it's not going to be as difficult just to hold two chains with connected chocks. We are going to have the three-foot version like this. And this is going to be just for when you just want to go on the front and back of one tire.And again, super easy to take them out as well. A lot of you guys we're wondering if the chain is easy on the hands, I would definitely say it just depends. If it's super cold outside, these are super cold, but what you could do, actually, you can just grab one of the singles right here. And if you really wanted to, just grab two of these, run a rope through it, it'll be a little bit easier on your hands. So whether you purchase the ones with chains or do you just purchase two of the singles and put ropes in between them, they are going to hang up relatively nicely I guess. I wouldn't mind maybe putting another securing thing down here, just so those are not swinging around, but that is another thing that you could do with these that you probably can't do with some of the others.And with my point earlier about how this one can be kind of tilted really easily. So if you do just have the one or you don't even want to hang them up for storage, putting it down there, it's going to get more grip than the other one, to be honest. And if we speed up real fast, something might start flopping over. With this one, I really don't think we'll have any issues like that.Well everyone, I hope this video kind of helped you guys understand what these chocks are going to do from you, and also set them apart from some of the others that we have available here at etrailer. At the end of the day, all it really comes down to is we just don't want our stuff to roll. And I do think these are going to be probably one of the top of the line when it comes to doing that. And also whether you go with the three or the five foot chain on these eight inch chocks, I do think it's going to be ideal to use with either single or double axle trailers. Also at the end of the day, I also want to feel good about my purchase. And since these are recycled, I feel good about it. Again, these are the Rumber eight inch wheel chocks.

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