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Saris Bones Trunk Mount 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Saris Bones Trunk Mount 2 Bike Rack

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Saris Bone trunk mounted, two-bike rack, in gray, part number SA805. This bike rack is also available in black, part number SA805BL. The arms and supports of the bike rack are made of 100% recycled material that is super strong and durable, and is rust-proof. The feet, here at the top and bottom of the bike rack are a soft rubber, so they won't damage your vehicles finish, as well as the rubber coated hooks, which are at the top, the side, and the bottom are also going to help protect your cars finish.The cradle straps here on the inside have a soft material to help protect your bikes finish. The straps are also ratcheting to further secure your bike to the rack.

The bike rack is also equipped with two anti-sway cradles, which is going to help prevent your bike from swaying while you're travelling down the road, and to come in contact with the other bike. This bike rack is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now that we've gone over some of the special features, we'll go ahead and show you how to install it. We'll first begin by placing the carrier up unto the upper tier of the rear bumper. We then need to loosen up this black dial at the top, which will allow us to swing the arm over up to the place where there's no grooves, and allows us to swing this arm up.

Then we'll make sure the bike rack is centered. We'll kind of get a feel of where this arm needs to be, and then we'll slide it back over in these grooves, then we'll tighten down that black knob, which is going to secure this arm in position. Now with all of our strap ends tied, the rubber coated hooks are labeled. This thick, fat one here it's going to go up to the top. This thinner one here is going to go at the side, and the skinnier one is going to go at the bottom.

This is designed to help you get up under the bottom of the hatch or the trunk. Now, we'll go ahead and put all these clips in place.Once we kind of get them in place, we'll just tighten down the straps just a little bit. This is going to help us give us support to hold the bike rack which we finish installing all the other straps. The vehicle that we have does have a tread plate here on the back of our bumper, so at times you may need to open up your trunk or your hatch to get this bottom clip in place. Then, we'll just repeat the same process for the other side. Now, one thing to keep in mind about trunk mounted bike racks is that depending on your application, your rear windshield wiper may not be used.

Now, with everything all tightened down and secured, we'll just go ahead and secure our excess strap. Next, we're going to go ahead and swing out our cradle arms. To do this, we'll loosen up these black knobs here, which is going to allow us to slide the arm off of this set of grooves, and swing the arm out. Keep in mind, the arms do need to be level or slightly angled up. Then we will just tighten down that black knob, and repeat the same process for the other side, making sure that the cradle arms are level. Now, with the bike rack installed, we'll go ahead and show you how to load up a bike. We'll first need to push in these buttons here, and undo our cradle straps. We'll then take our bike and place it into the frame cradles, and then we'll secure it with the straps. We'll bring the anti-sway strap around the vertical post of the bike and secure it. Again, this is going to help the bike from swaying back and forth, and coming in contact with the other bike. With that done, we'll then secure the other two straps around the top part of the frame. Then we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the other bike. Now, with our bikes all loaded up, we'll go ahead and take it out for at test-drive to show you how it looks driving down the road. And that will complete todays review of the Saris Bones trunk mounted two-bike rack in gray, part number SA805.



Is the Saris Bone 2 black the new model and grey to older? Are they exactly the same?

Patrick B.


The Saris Bones 2 racks, part # SA805 and # SA805 BL are the same racks, just different colors.



Do you face the second bike in the opposite direction? What about a girls bike with no center bar?

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Yes for two bikes they need to be facing in alternating directions. If you are transporting a girls bike, or a bike that does not have a traditional cross tub you can use an adapter bar like the Saris # SA3037.

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