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Saris Hitch Adapters Review - 2020 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Saris Hitch Adapters on a 2020 Toyota RAV4

Hey everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our Saris Swing Away hitch extender for bike racks here on our 2020 Toyota RAV4. So, this is a swing away hitch extender, which means it adds a little bit of length to where your bike rack is going to sit if you have clearance issues. In our case, if you wanna open your hatch all the way, this might be a good option for you. So, we'll take a look at its first or main feature, which is that it swings away.

To do so, you're first gonna remove this pin, right, just like that. That's the one holding this latch in place. So, once that pin is released, you can then lift up on this latch. And then this U-bolt drops down, so bring this back up and around. Then you have this other latch right over here.

So, you're gonna wanna push that in just a little bit, just enough to swing this out. So, notice how smooth this swing away feature is. It's very light and it doesn't feel like I have to push or put too much effort into it, which is nice to see. Now, as you can see, if we open up the hatch on our RAV4, we have plenty of space between our door as well as our handlebars on our bikes, which is nice because then if you wanna hang out in your trunk, sometimes after a long day, I like to sit right over here. So, this is a really nice position to have.

I can keep my bikes on and I don't have to worry about getting too cramped up right over here. Also, if you have to bring out a lot of items, this is gonna be a great way to do so. So, we'll take some measurements. I'm gonna lower the door just a second. But to measure from right where our bike sits on our Saris Freedom bike rack to the end where that door is gonna come down, we have a clearance of about 15 inches.

So, that will help you figure out with your other bike racks if you have enough clearance for the hatch. See, it's about the same amount of clearance as this comes down. And then we're gonna take a measurement as well when we bring this back in just to see how much height we have in comparison or when we have it on our hitch receiver. So, to bring it back, we have this knob. So, you're gonna pull that knob. Pull it out all the way so that you can bring this in. Now, you will have to lift up on this bike rack slightly just to give it some support as you bring it through the ramp. There's gonna be a latch right in there and that's gonna secure it or hold it closed. Okay, how about I go over here so that you can see it closer. There we go. So, then you bring this back in. You'll have to lift up on that latch as well. Then bring it up, and then tighten that down. Then you have this clip, pop that right back in, and then that secures your hitch extender. So, while we're down here, let's talk about some different things. So, this has a weight capacity of about 60 pounds per bike. If you have a two-bike platform rack, please check out our product page for like the different weight capacities. Now, this is recommended for a two-bike platform rack. And if you have a hanging rack, you can get up to four bikes on here, but you may have to check the brand manufacturer to see if they can fit well. My best recommendation is just to have a two inch shank that pops into this hitch receiver right over here. And it also says a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds for the total weight on your hitch extender. Now, here in our RAV4, we have a two inch hitch receiver. So, this fits into the two inch hitch receiver. It has an anti-rattle bolt as well as a hitch stabilizer. You can use a tool to tighten this down. I recommend doing what I do, which is I use a socket wrench with a 3/4 socket. That's very helpful. Makes it a lot faster to tighten things down. All right, so we'll first take some measurements. So, here on our Toyota RAV4, measuring from underneath the shank to the ground for ground clearance, we have it at 9 3/4 inches. Right where that hitch pin hole is, it sits at 13 1/4 inches. That's gonna be where your bike rack fits into. So, you have a slight shank rise from your hitch receiver to where your new hitch receiver is going to be. As for where this sits right on the bumper, it is nice to see that the highest point from the ground to the bumper, or sorry, to the top of that latch is 17 1/4 inches. So, we have plenty of clearance from our door to the top of the hitch extender. Also, with where our exhaust is, our exhaust sits right over here. And then it is kind of aligned with the end of our hitch extender. So, the distance apart is gonna be about 10 inches. That's kind of close. Now, the recommendation is about 13 inches when it comes to how close it comes to the exhaust. So, you may have to be wary about that. It is nice to see that it's pointed down. But just something to keep in mind when it comes to having your bike rack on here with this extender. All in all, I think it adds plenty of room. Our length added from our hitch pin hole to the new hitch pin hole on our receiver is gonna be 14 inches. So, you see we have plenty of space. We can walk through even with our bike rack on. I can fit right through there. No problem, which is nice to see, and it's nice to have that kind of space. So, this was a really quick and easy look at our Saris Swing Away hitch extender. I think it's a great option, especially since it's a little bit more affordable than the other, just a little bit, than the other hitch extender options you can find here at etrailer. Check out their product pages. It's nice to see the difference. If you want something that is a little bit more premium, maybe the Kuat Pivot hitch extender might be an option for you. Also, if you want something that swings out to the driver's side, that will kind of be your only option for you. But for something that swings out to the passenger side and gives you plenty of space, especially with the hatch here on our RAV4, I think this works really well. So, that was a look at our Saris Swing Away hitch extender here on our 2020 Toyota RAV4..

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