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Saris Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2020 Ford F-150

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Review of the Saris Hitch Bike Racks on a 2020 Ford F-150

Hey, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we're taking a look at how the Saris SuperClamp HD two-bike platform rack fits on the 2020 Ford F-150. So, the SuperClamp HD is a great all-around bike rack. It's very interesting in its design because you have a front wheel mount, a rear wheel mount, and you have wheel straps. It's also good to be used with your RVs and if you're flat towing your F-150.

Also, you have the large, or the capability to carry around the large fat bike tires. Now, it can be a little tricky to get your bike off and we'll talk about that. What I really like about how it fits with this truck though is the tilt-away. So, you're gonna have this pin here. You wanna remove the pin on the inside.

Now, once that pin is out, you're gonna have this push lever. It may be a little bit of a step up to get there. So, push on the bike rack then push on the lever and let it drop down to a tilt. I like this tilt because I can actually lower my tailgate here. So, see how I can fully lower the tailgate, get access into the truck bed.

With a lot of other bike racks, even though they tilt away, they don't tilt away that far. And for other bike racks, you get more limited access to your truck bed. So, this is a really nice fit for our truck here. We're gonna put this in and secure it. Now, let's talk about how the bike is mounted here.

I mentioned how it has a front wheel mount, it has that rear wheel mount, and it has those straps. If you have fenders on your bike, this is gonna be a great way to carry your bike around. Now, when you wanna take the bike off though, you start at the straps. You press that lever, lift up on the strap. I personally prefer to reach over behind the rack where my back is up against the tailgate because I find more leverage with the straps and the hooks that way. Now, once those straps are out, you can then go over here to the mount. There's another lever up here. Press that lever, pull up, press that top lever, push down. And again, press that lever here, pull up, and then press that top lever, and then push down. And now, you're able to grab your bike and hit the trails. Let's maneuver it around those mounts. Now, as cool as that great weight capacity this has for the heavy electric bikes, the downside is it's a little bit unwieldy. With how high up off the ground the truck's hitch is, that's how high you're gonna have to lift your bikes too. So, with that, I wish that these arms would go down even more to get better clearance, but that's how it works. We can hear it ratchet against. If you had your bike there, it would hold the bike down. But you can also fold it down so it's nice and neat. This is a compact rack, although it does stick out further to give you more tailgate clearance. So, it's gonna be 33 inches away from your bumper. Now, for that ground clearance I was mentioning, you're gonna have to lift your bikes 22 inches up off the ground to get it into those cradles. For those heavy electric bikes, that's something worth considering. You can also make this more compact by folding it up like that. So, that now takes up from where we measured earlier on the bumper to the end of the rack, 18 inches. So, big difference compared to when this was folded down. You'll want it in this position when you're just planning on driving around town. You can kind of open up your tailgate with it in the folded up position. And this sits really low on the back of your vehicle, which means that your taillights are visible. Now, your license plate is kind of covered, but your back up camera is definitely visible. So, this will not hinder your ability to park and go into reverse. You do have a lock on the end of this rack. You have an anti-rattle bolt holding everything into place. Make sure to hold onto a 3/4 inch wrench. Keep that inside your truck because you need that to heighten this down. But other than that, you can see how it does have a little bit of work involved with strapping things down, strapping your bike down. I kind of like that in the sense that your bike is secure. Even if you have fenders, even if you have a step-through frame, or a carbon fiber frame, you know that your bike is held down. The downside is you're gonna have to lift higher and it's a little awkward to get those heavier electric bikes off. So other than that, this was a look at the Saris SuperClamp HD two-bike platform rack on the 2020 Ford F-150..

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