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SeaSucker Monkey Bars Roof Rack Review

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Review of the SeaSucker Monkey Bars Roof Rack

The SeaSucker Monkey Bars is the quickest and easiest way to get a roof rack system up and on to your vehicle. If you're like me and you're not really a fan of drilling into your vehicle, the Monkey Bars are going to avoid all of that. I'd just rather have something that is super easy and quick, so I can take it on and take it off super quick and easy. And the other thing that's nice about this, if you have another vehicle without a roof rack system, it's just as quick and easy to put it on that vehicle as well. We're gonna get two bars with this kit and each of them are gonna have some vacuum cups. These are gonna be extremely sturdy.

You can see I'm literally shaking this whole entire vehicle and these bars aren't moving anywhere. It's also very quick and easy to take off. You see these little tabs here All you gotta do is just lift up on those and then it's completely off. But we just push 'em down like this and then push this in until that orange goes, bye bye. And we're done.

So if you're looking for the quickest one, this is definitely gonna beat every other roof rack system on our site, by far. Some vehicles do not have a custom fit roof rack option. That's why the Monkey Bars are gonna be ideal for you. They're a universal fit for multiple different cars. But then also like this vehicle that we have here, some require you to put tracks in and drill into your roof.

I'd rather not do that. So the Monkey Bars are definitely going to avoid all of that drilling, and it's gonna be a lot quicker too. I've used these bars a lot and sometimes people are a little nervous. They don't think that these cups are gonna keep their cargo up on top. But each cup has a strength of 210 pounds.

So for the whole entire system, that's 1260 pounds of suction strength. Trust me, it's not gonna go anywhere. I've used these a lot on a lot of different cars. All you need to do is just make sure that the surface is nice and flat, and also just clean it off before you put the cups down. This is just like any other roof rack system. It's round bars. So all your accessories, make sure they're compatible with the round bars. We aren't gonna have any type of T-slots or anything, but that's something I really don't use, even if I did have them. It just makes it a little bit quicker and easier to put some of those accessories up on top. Like a roof mounted bike rack, like the one you see right here. Just gonna wrap it around real quick, secure it down, just like that. I'm gonna do that on both sides. As you can see, just with those two, it's already pretty secure. And slide this on down and secure it. Pretty quick, pretty easy and extremely stable. So it's gonna work with a lot of different accessories. We can fit probably up to four bikes on top of here. 'Cause these are 48 inch long bars. So, for your bike racks, for your kayak carriers, your roof boxes and your roof baskets, all of 'em are gonna work. Last thing, just make sure that your accessories are going to be compatible with these bars. The diameter of the round bars are gonna be a inch and a 1/4. So to let you know how high it's gonna sit on top of your roof. We're gonna go from our roof to the very top of our bar right here. I'd say it's about five and 3/4 inches tall. Which isn't a whole lot. That's gonna give you an idea if it's going to clear your garage just with the bars on top. A lot of the other roof racks on our website have locks built in. There is a lock that you can get for this. It pretty much just goes in your little window here and it comes with a cable to wrap it around. So, you can grab that separately on our site if you did wanna lock this roof rack to your roof. At the end of the day, this is just like any other roof rack system. There's a lot less components to it, which I like. Also, it's just going to be a lot easier to put up onto your roof and to take off and stow away. And the fact that we can fit it on multiple different vehicles, is also something that's cool. And that's pretty much it. If you're looking for the fastest and easiest roof rack system for multiple different vehicles, the SeaSucker Monkey Bars are gonna be for you..

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