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SmartStraps Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps with S-Hooks Review

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Review of the SmartStraps Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps with S-Hooks

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at each and today we are looking at our Smartstraps Cam Buckle tie downs with S-hooks here at etrailer. These are six foot long straps, which are great as an accessory to really secure or tie down your cargo. We have them here on our roof basket. They also work on your cargo carriers or inside your truck bed. So these can also be used with like your motorcycles or your ATVs.

Now these do have a cam buckle, which I think is really sturdy, but if you want something that has a little bit more tension or more traction when using with those, I recommend maybe our ratchet straps that are a little bit longer. Holding them here, you can look and see and feel how strong they are. They're pretty proud of their web design and their sturdiness. So the safe work load for these straps is 400 pounds, but their actual break strength is 1200. If you take a look at the cam buckle itself, you can see that it's made of a sturdy metal.

And as I try to pull it, it's really holding the strap together. On the ends, you have these strong metal S-hooks. Now, these S-hooks are also lined in order to prevent scuffs and scratches as you use them to tie down or attach to your mounting points. These work on the bars we have here on our roof basket, but they also can hook into the tie-downs in like your truck bed. These also work with your hitch mounted cargo carriers like what we have right here, which is the etrailer cargo carrier.

Now, since they are six feet long, you can see how they stretch from one end to the other. I think they work best as accessory straps just to add a little extra security to your cargo. Now for longer applications like this Cargo Care, I do recommend maybe using a longer strap. If you want to use that as your main source of strapping down your cargo, these straps I think work best with like your roof baskets or your smaller applications. Today we're going to be installing these on our roof basket here.

This is a MaxxTow roof basket, and I recommend picking up something like the Moki doorstep, which I have here just to make sure you have that extra stability as you install these straps. On each end of your strap, you have an S-hook. What I like to do is start with the end that is not close to the cam buckle. So I just strap that into whichever tie down point I want to use. And then I leave the other end on the other side to tighten down. On the other end, you can get the S-hook with the cam buckle and hook it into maybe your tie-down point. In this case, we have a bar that's the perfect size for this S-hook. Once that's latched in, you can then tighten it down. What's nice about having a cam buckle is then you just pull it for tension, and you can see how it straps into place. These come in a set of two straps. So I highly recommend using both straps just to make sure that your cargo is tightened down, secured as best as you can. If you have excess strap like this, you can just tie it off with a rubber band to make sure that it's not flopping around in the wind. My final thoughts about these straps is that I like how it's easy just to add them to like your roof basket, your cargo carrier, on your motorcycle, whatever you're using to tie cargo down. Now these are affordable options. So it's a nice little accessory and it's very easy to use. You can never have too many straps in my personal opinion. Now these are six feet long. So that's something to keep in mind. If you have larger applications, you will need a larger strap, as well as if you want to carry something a lot heavier, I highly recommend our ratcheting straps instead, but for something small and very easy to use, these are great straps. And that was a look here at our Smartstraps Cam Buckle tie downs with S-hooks here at

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