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SmartStraps Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of the SmartStraps Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a set of straps from SmartStraps. These are going to be a one inch wide, what I would call more of a medium duty style strap. They're going to be available in two lengths. We've got either the 10 foot four pack or the 14 foot four pack. So regardless of your application, I think these are going to come in really handy mainly in enclosed trailers, pickup trucks, smaller utility trailers, things like that.

Once your load gets any higher than let's say like a UTV, probably need to step up to an inch and a half or a two inch strap. So there are a couple of things with these straps that stand out to me. One is going to be the nice large handle here. It's got a rubber coating to it and also our release here has a rubber coating to it.So it's going to allow us to get good inaudible 00:00:46 and it really don't do a whole lot of damage to our hands. The hooks are also really nice.

They're a little bit larger diameter than what we tend to see out of the lighter duty straps and the actual strap material itself feels really nice and durable. I think these would definitely be a set of straps that I would buy, especially with those two length options the 10 the 14 foot, I really like that range. Generally like a six foot strap, some situations it's just too small. Of course, 20 and 25 foot straps in a situation like this, just are too much. So I really like that size range there.

The strap material itself feels a little bit more durable than what we generally feel out of the strap. That coating's designed to help prevent any kind of abrasion of our strap and just ensure it lasts a very long time for us.The ratchet mechanism itself, you can see it's got the yellow zinc finish on it. It's going to be like most of your standard ratchet straps. I don't see anything really special or fancy there. And of course our release here like most other ratchet straps, bringing that all the way over releases it, bringing it back in this area, that's how we tighten it.

It has good smooth operation. I definitely think it would be something that would get your securement job done. Now, regardless of the link, each of the straps is going to have a 1000 pounds safe working load limit, so we can easily secure something up to that 3,500 pound mark using four the straps without that big of an issue.Now to get our ratchets set up, of course, we need to bring our strap through the actual ratchet mechanism. To do it properly we'll bring it through and just loop it around the other way. At that point, you'll pull out all the slack you need. That's what gives us our adjustability. Hook it into each side. Unlock our handle there, and then just tension it down. Once we've got that nice and secure our excess here, we can just tidy that up. Once we've got that tidied it up, it's always a good idea to use at least two straps to secure any item just so you've got some backup. In this case with our straps coming in a four pack we should have plenty.

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