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SmartStraps Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with S-Hooks Review

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Review of the SmartStraps Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with S-Hooks

Today we're going to be looking at SmartStraps ratcheting straps. They come as a quantity of four and you can get them as either 10 foot or 14 foot lengths and either 500 pound safe working load limit or a 1,000 pound safe working load limit.We're using a set of the 10 foot, 500 pound straps to hold our generator in place on our cargo carrier today. You can see that our straps are green here. The green indicates that it is a 500 pound working load limit. If it was orange in color it would be the 1,000 pound working load limit.The multiple colored straps is nice if you have many straps. You can easily identify which one is what working load limit so you can pick the appropriate strap for the appropriate application.The safe working load limit is the recommended limit for hauling items down the road safely because your vehicle has a lot of oscillations, you hit potholes, things are moving around.

They also have a maximum break strength of 1,500 pounds, and that is the amount that will break these straps. For our orange straps, which is the 1,000 pound safe load limit straps, those have a break strength of 3,000 pounds.Ratcheting straps are going to be a heavier duty tie-down solution than your bungee cords or your cam buckle straps. We're using it for our generator here because it's such a heavy, large object. We don't want to trust it with bungee cords or cam buckles to keep it in place. These keep it nice and secure to our carrier so it can't move around and we know it'll get to our destination safe and sound.You've probably had a set of ratcheting straps before and you're used to seeing the frayedness and cuts along the edges, especially where it goes over the corners of whatever you're tying down.

This has smart web technology which has a smart guard coating to make it abrasion-resistant.The handles on our ratchets have a coating on them to make it nicer on your hands and easier to operate. The straps are one inch wide. The rubber coated S-hooks will help prevent any scratches or abrasions on your vehicle or wherever you're tying it down to.My uncle had a set of straps without this and used a tarp over the back of his truck to take his gear camping and when he got to his destination he had hooked these underneath his wheel wells and it had scratched up all around the fender well there. With the rubber coating here, that wouldn't have happened.One of the biggest questions we get from customers is how to break the ratchet straps free. You'll see this spring-loaded mechanism here and this is going to be our release lever.

Just press in and pull the lever out, and you want to extend it until it's almost completely vertical and then it will just unwind. You can just pull it out.To get them installed I suggest you take the longer end, place the hook onto its tie-down location, run it through or over whatever you want to hold down, and now on the other side we'll feed our strap through our ratchet. So we'll take the strap here, it's going to go through the slot in the middle. We've currently got it opened up here. Okay, you push that release lever to open it up.We're going to pull it through.

To make it a little bit cleaner on the management of your strap you can push it back the backside like this. Now we can hook it in place. We'll double check our other side to make sure it's still hooked, and then just pull out any of that excess slack. You can then take your strap, push the button in, and start cranking it down.Once you've got it strapped down tight, you can take your excess strap and secure it to keep it from getting caught on the road dragging behind you. What I like to do is fold it in half like this where you've got a loop, bring it around, and tie a knot with the loop, but you want to make sure you leave the one end here out.That completes our look at SmartStraps ratcheting straps.

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