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Solera 18V Power RV Awning Conversion Kit Review

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Review of the Solera 18V Power RV Awning Conversion Kit

Shane: Hey guys, Shane here with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Solera Powered Awning Arm Conversion Kit. I think this conversion kit is going to make it a lot easier when you get to your campsite because when we go out camping somewhere, we don't want to take all this time setting up our camper. We want to make it a lot easier so we can get to enjoying our weekend. The nice thing about it, it's going to be battery operated. Unlike some of the other ones that you had to find powered wire or 12 volt wire ...

You have to run a wire inside to try and find that power source. This one has a battery in it, so it makes it very simple. With a simple push of the button, you can retract and extend your awning.With this kit it's going to be a very easy upgrade. If you think about it, if you have a manual or Dometic awning, you always have to get out the pole. You have to reach up, you have to unlock it, grab the strap, pull it out and lock it in place.

You have to unlock the arms. There's just a lot of work in it. This makes it very easy to just simply come out, push the button, extend your awning and you're ready to go. With this being battery operated, it is going to give you about 20 to 25 uses. It's going to take about 48 hours to fully charge the battery.

When installing it, you plug it in for about five minutes. That's going to allow you to use that to help you get it installed.It's going to come with a battery pre-installed in the arm. It's going to come with a charger and it's going to come with the switch already installed in the arm. Each one of those parts can be replaced and can be found here at Your chargers are going to look like this, and it's simply going to plug right here in the bottom of your switch.

This plug will sit up inside here when you're not using it. One thing to keep in mind, above the switch there's another plug where it looks like this and it plugs into the wire that runs up to the motor. You want to make sure you're not plugging the charger into that plug, because that will drain the battery. Always plug into the one coming out of the bottom of the arm.We'll go ahead and plug our charger in. Need to go over a few things here. When we first plug it in, when we're charging our battery, this light's going to be red. When it's fully charged, this light's going to turn green. I will tell you, after 24 hours it is going to turn green. Make sure you leave it charged to get fully charged for 48 hours, as I mentioned before. As I mentioned, this is a conversion kit, so what it's going to do, it's going to allow you to replace your arms, but still use your Dometic roller and fabric if that's something that you're not replacing. It's going to come with the caps in the kit to replace the end caps so they work with these arms. There are also kits available where you can get the arms with the roller like we have here.Another nice feature that I really like about this setup is, let's say we're out camping and we forgot to charge our battery from the last few trips that we took. We're going to have a manual drive up at the top that we can put a socket in and it's going to allow us to extend and retract our awning. Keep in mind that the manual override is going to be a little bit high. It's going to be on the top of the arm, so you will have to have a ladder. We're going to have a manual pitch adjustment, which is this arm here and you simply pull on it. Let's say the sun's coming in at an angle here and we want a drop one of the corners. We can simply pull this and it'll allow us to drop one corner. This bolt that goes through here, if you find that this is a little bit tight, maybe not as easy to pull down, you can adjust that, loosen it up a little bit to make a little bit easier.Another nice feature that I really like about it is, when it's raining, with your older canopies that you had to pull out, as I mentioned earlier, sometimes if it starts raining, you have to go down and you have to lower one of the arms. With this one, it's automatic. When water starts pooling up on the canopy, it's automatically going to drop one side to dump the water off so it doesn't pool up. When it comes to installing this, you can see this arm here, we're in between the door and where our slide-out comes out. You want to make sure that you install it far enough over, that if you put a slide topper on or if you already have one on, that this arm is not going to interfere with that roller. You also want to make sure that it's not going to interfere with your handle or anything else that you may have on your door side here.Another thing to keep in mind is, you want to make sure when installing it, the canopy is at least two and a half inches from the top of the door. One thing to keep in mind is when mounting this on the wall, you want to make sure you have open wall space, no obstructions, because these brackets do mount flat up against the wall. They're going to come in black or white and they're going to come in different sizes depending on your setup. In my professional opinion, I think this is a very easy way to give yourself that powered awning without having to run wires inside the camper RV. We're not going to have to get out that pole anymore, unlock it, to drag it out and put it back in. That's going to do it for our look at an installation on a Solera 18 Volt Power RV Awning.

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