SPG Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover Review

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Review of the SPG Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover

Hi there, hunters. Today we're going to be taking a look at SPG's line of camouflage universal fit seat covers. These are available in different camo patterns and they also can display your favorite logo of your hunting brands. We've got options with Realtree, Mossy Oak. The Mossy Oak is also available with a pink camouflage, and there's also a Browning logo option. And for you hunters and outdoors men out there, these are going to be a great set of seat covers.

The polyester fabric is going to be water resistant. So all that mud and things that you might get when you're out there hiking, maybe sitting down on a log waiting for that big game to run by, when you come back to your vehicle and you sit down, you don't have to worry about it transferring through to the fabric of your seats. It's going to stay contained on our seat cover here.They're easily removable and washable. They're also going to be UV resistant, so you can leave them here inside your vehicle and you don't have to worry about the sun beating in and fading the material. SPG's thought about all the various options out there that a lot of different vehicles have, whether it be seatbelts that are attached to the seat.

We've got Velcro openings here, so you can pass those through, so these will work with those. And this Velcro strip actually woves all the way down here to the bottom, so if you've got arm rests that fold up and down, you can even have those fold in and out of these openings.These seat covers are going to measure 22 inches wide by 55 inches tall. So it's going to fit most of your vehicles. And on our Jeep here, the head rests are actually quite tall and we've chosen to put them on here to see how they would fit and it is a pretty tight fit from top down to the seat there. You can see how the seam here is kind of right there at the seam, so it can be a little tight.

But, again, you're not going to find a lot of seats that are much taller on the back rest of these. I'm six and a half feet tall and I've got the head rest in the lowest position and it works fine for me.Now with these seat covers, I did find that the universal fit does fit fairly decently. It does go around pretty nice. It was very easy to install, but I do find that it's not quite as snug as some of the custom fit seat covers out there. It's a little bit loose on the material.

I do feel like over time as you sit in it and it starts to stretch, it's going to fit a little bit better. But right out of the box, it does kind of have a little bit of a baggy look to it.Overall, though, the main intent and purpose of it is to keep dirt and debris off of it and I like the heavy duty polyester. It feels very tough. I don't think this is going to rip on you. It's actually got a little bit of a stretch to it. And being water resistant, that's awesome, because there are definitely times where even if it's just maybe a lot of sweat that you've got, because all the clothing you're wearing hunting out there in the winter time is just going to keep all that off your seats. So you don't have to worry about any brown stains coming from that moisture.These are designed to fit over bucket seats. They come as a quantity of one, so you want to make sure you pick up enough for each bucket seat in your vehicle. And that completes our look at SPG's line of universal fit camouflage seat covers.

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