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SportRack Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the SportRack Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today, well be taking a look at the sport rack rooftop cargo bag, part number sr8107. This durable water-resistant cargo bag has built-in straps that let you mount your bag directly to the roof rack crossbars or the raised side rails. This helps free up room inside your vehicle for more passengers or more cargo. This cargo bag provides 15 cubic feet of store space unto our vehicles roof.Now, well show you how to install the cargo bag. Please keep in mind that this product requires a roof rack in order to attach to the vehicle. The attachment points must be raised off the roof, so that the straps can wrap around them.

This product is not compatible with flash mounted side rails. Well place the bag unto our roof. Here on the passenger side of the vehicle, well undo our buckle that connects to the strap. Well bring it around our side rail, and buckle it back in place. Well move to the rear on the passenger side, and repeat that process.Now, well move over to the driver side, undo the buckle, and bring it around our side rail, buckling it back into position.

Well do this for both straps on the driver side of our vehicle. Once we have the buckles attached, well go ahead and make sure that the straps are lose, that way we have plenty of space to load our gear. Well grab the zipper pull, and undo the zipper of our cargo bag. With it all the way open, well start grabbing some gear and loading it into our cargo bag.This cargo bag provides 15 cubic feet of storage space, so we have plenty of room to load up our gear. Once we have our gear loaded up, we can go ahead and close our zipper.

Keep in mind that the zipper is never to face the front of the vehicle. Front-facing zippers are prone to leakage, and may even blow open. Also, when loading your cargo bag, you want to make sure that you distribute the weight evenly, and put the heavier items on the bottom. If you want to secure the contents of your cargo bag, you can use a small padlock to connect the two zippers and lock them together.With our gear all loaded up, well go over some additional features of the sport rack cargo bag. The durable PVC coated nylon is water-resistant to keep your cargo dry and protected.

The heavy-duty zipper provides quick and easy access to your gear. The oversize rain flap shields the zipper form the elements, and helps to prevent leakage by sealing with the hook and loop strips. The four integrated compression straps with the strap buckles let you mount the bag directly to your roof rack crossbars or your raised side rails.This bag is 37 inches long by 37 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. With everything all loaded up, well go ahead and take it out for a test drive and show you how it looks going down the road. That complete todays review of the sport rack rooftop cargo bag,part number sr8107. .