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SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack for Naked Roofs Review

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Review of the SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack for Naked Roofs

Today we'll be reviewing the SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack System for Naked Roofs. This economically priced removable roof rack system is going to clamp to your vehicle's naked roof. It's got a square bar design with a steel construction so it's going to accommodate a variety of accessories such as bike racks, ski carriers and cargo baskets just to name a few. You're going to get two crossbars. This is going to support your accessories. You're also going to get four feet, two per crossbar. The feet are going to have the nice coated clamp so it's not going to damage your vehicle.

You're also going to have the pad on the bottom of the foot to protect the finish that goes around the roof line of your vehicle. Each foot pack is going to have a lockable cover, so if we remove the cover it's going to expose the Allen bolt that secures the foot pack to the vehicle. Once you have that installed on your naked roof you place the lockable cover over the Allen bolt. That way nobody can gain access to it to remove the system from your roof, and it's going to come with a set of keys. Another great feature about this roof rack system is how easily adjustable it is. Now in the fit guide you're going to be able to find your particular year, make, and model. It's going to list some numbers that you can set your clamps at to fit your vehicle.

You're going to take the included Allen key, loosen up the Allen bolt, and then you can adjust this as necessary until you get the correct number to line up in this space. In order to install our roof rack system we just need to go ahead and open up our front doors. We'll do this on both sides. We'll place our front bar onto the front part of our roof. Now to ensure that we get this in the correct location you can refer to the fit guide to see the distance that you need from the center of the door jam to the center of the foot pack. All right, with this side in place we'll go over to the driver side and repeat that same process.

Now with our front bar set we can go ahead and remove the locking cover, gaining access to the Allen bolt. Take the included Allen key and tighten it down. This is just going to secure the clamp around the roof line of our vehicle. We'll want to make our way from side to side, tightening it a little bit at a time to get a nice secure fit. With our front bar secured we can go ahead and and reinstall our locking covers. Then we can get ready to put on our rear bar.

Then we can close our doors. As you can see, the clamp that goes around the roof line does not interfere with the shutting of our door. Now we'll place our rear bar onto the rear part of our roof. To make sure we get this bar in the correct position, another measurement needs to be taken. Again, you can find that in the fit guide, measuring from the center of one bar to the center of the other. We'll do it on both sides to ensure that our bars are parallel and that our feet are straight across from each other. All right, with our bars in place we can go ahead and repeat the same tightening process that that we used for our front bar. This system may require the SportRack Short Roof Adapter sold separately with part number SR1116 for shorter roofs or dramatically curved roof lines. It's made from a sturdy steel construction with a black plastic coating that's going to stand up well against rust and harsh UV rays. This roof rack system's going to offer a weight capacity of 130 pounds and the crossbars are going to measure 50" long, by 3/4" wide, by 3/4" tall. That's going to do it for our review of the SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack for Naked Roofs. .



What is/are the exact differences between these five (5) SportRack Semi-Custom models: SR1005 SR1003 SR1010 SR1008 SR1002 Thanks, jo

David B.


They are all different Jo. The following three are the same length but have different vehicle fitments # SR1005 # SR1003 # SR1008 . These two are the same length and again, have different vehicle fitments # SR1010 # SR1002 . If you need help finding out what will work for you let me know the year/make/model of your vehicle and I can help you find a solution to your roof rack needs.

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