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Stromberg Carlson Scissor and Stabilizer Jacks Base Pad Peak Review

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Review of the Stromberg Carlson Scissor and Stabilizer Jacks Base Pad Peak

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Stromberg Carlson Base Pad Peak. Now these are gonna be stabilizers you can put underneath your front jack or your scissor jacks here to help stabilize your rig. So this is gonna be good because you don't have to lower your jack or your scissor jacks all the way down to the ground, so they can kind of stay compressed and that's gonna make them a little bit more stable. Let's check it out. This is gonna be a great replacement for if you're using cinder blocks or wood blocks to stabilize your trailer.

Those aren't recommended because the cinder block can break over time, chunks of it can break off, or the wood block is the worst just because it's gonna trap all that moisture then it can corrode on the inside or become really weak when you least expect it. This is gonna be made out of high grade plastic. So it's really gonna hold up. I can knock on it. You can hear it's just not like a flimsy plastic.

I can't move it or bend it as I push on it. Plus our rigs laying down on top of it, it can hold up to 3,500 pounds, and you can see altogether, it's holding it just fine. I wanna show you what it looked like with my hands on it. It is heavier than I expected it to be. It is a heavier plastic.

And I know that's not super comforting though, it's plastic, but it's heavy duty, I mean, I'm knocking on it. You can hear it's got that dull sound as I hit it. So it's not just a flimsy plastic. I can't get it to bend or anything. I can pull on it and push on it.

You can see it's got the structure on the inside that's gonna help keep it strong and that's why it's able to hold up to so much. But it does have a good old weight to it. Let's see how it drops on the ground. Even here, it doesn't sound like just one of those plastic empty buckets. So I really like that. That makes me feel a little bit better about using it on my rig. On the inside, I wanna go ahead and test how those base pads work when it's just being applied. So are we worried that you gonna feel off flex or anything, but walk around feels just fine. I think it's more stable, like I said earlier, just because the jacks aren't completely lowered, 'cause you know the lower they get the more there's gonna be a little bit more movement, but since they're only like halfway lowered down, they're gonna be more stable that way. Plus the footprint that you get with those pads really improves when you're walking around. Now I'm gonna go walk around and you can see the outside of the camper just to see that it's not moving much while I'm pacing back and forth. So I'm walking to the back and now I'm gonna walk back up to the front. And I don't feel much more movement underneath me and you probably don't see anything outside either. Now we'll go over some dimensions. It's gonna be five and a quarter inches right here wide. It's gonna be nine and a quarter inches long. And then the entire footprint is gonna be 10 inches, or 10 inches by 13 inches. And then it's also gonna be eight inches tall by itself, but you can also stack another on top and get 14 inches out of it. The other thing I wanna point out is, we do get this question a lot, you can use it with the Stromberg Carlson rubber landing pad as well. So the base pad's gonna go underneath there and just give you a bigger footprint and really help you out if you're on more loose ground like gravel or sand, this is gonna give you that bigger footprint to help you out with making sure it doesn't sink too far in there and keep it stable. Another nice thing about it with, well, if you use 'em together, even separately, this one being rubber and that one being that plastic, you can easily clean it off when you use it in the sand or the gravel all the time, 'cause they can get dust or get sand everywhere. Just spray it off and it's all good. Now I'm gonna show you how to set these up. So this is like we pulled up to our campsite and we're ready to get these underneath the jack and the stabilizers. So first thing you wanna do is slide this underneath your jack. Easily slides into place right there. It also has the two holes here that are good for your fingers. That way you can move it if you need to or it'll help you push into place. Or it'll just help you lift it up. That way you don't need to have to grab the whole thing. So get that about where I want it and then I'm gonna lower the jack down on it. I'm gonna go ahead and unhook the trailer and release the ball here. That way, we're gonna lift up off there. More nicely is it's not gonna take as long as it normally does because we have an automatic jack, which is nice, 'cause I'm just holding the button down. You see how long that's even taking just to get it up and off the ball. It'd even longer if you had to go those extra eight inches to the ground. Now the next step is just go ahead and slide under our scissor jacks here. They're gonna help stabilize our rig. And we do just like we normally would to lower those. Get that lined up and drop it down. Looks like I was a little off. They're easy to adjust and fix that. I'm gonna do that for the remaining three jacks. The only thing I wanted to point out is when I mentioned you could stack them earlier. Not only is that for storage when you see it's sitting on there. That doesn't quite go all the way down, but that's on purpose is because if eight inches just isn't enough, you need a little bit more, you can stack it on top there use it this way and that's gonna be 14 inches instead of the normal eight inches you get. These base pads will also work with fifth wheel trailers too. So we got this set up. It can handle the weight of this. And remember that 3,500 pounds is per base. So that all adds up to be able to handle this just fine. And I was worried as we we're lowering the feet on there if it was gonna be able to hold it on, and it was fine and no issues there. We got the scissor jacks on the back set up as well. So it's holding it up. I really like that it takes up that gap part easier that way. Like we kind of said before, you don't have so much of the stabilizers down, it's gonna save you some time when you're setting up, and if you need this extreme adjustment all the time, it's better than stacking up a bunch of the leveling blocks to fill up that gap, or using two boards or two cinder blocks, that's just stuff that you're stacking up that could cause issues down the line. If you need just a little bit more, like I said, that eight inch, you're gonna use that 14 inch, at least you got both stacks on top of each other and they're not gonna move and shift under there. They're gonna stay nice and seated and take up that gap. Something else would be storage. So when you aren't using 'em how much space are they gonna take up And we just got one of 'em right now, just gonna put it in the basement door. So it takes up a decent amount of space. It still fits in there. It's pretty loaded in here. It'll still fit. And if you stack 'em on each other, that will at least condense it a little bit. I can push this further back into the basement and be just fine. Overall, today, it really turned me around. I was a little worried at first that it was made on a flimsy plastic, but then just lifting it up I could feel the weight in my hands, made me feel a little bit better about that. And not to mention the structures on the inside showed me that it was reinforced. So when I went to go set it down and set up on both of our rigs, dropping the stabilizer or even the jack up front, it took up that eight inches of space which saved me time with setting it up. So even the automatic jack that was powered, had the button, that still takes some time for that to come down the lower, and that got to make contact way quicker and got me moved on to the manual scissor lift. Those we're pretty easy too to set up and get them in place. Now I will say you can buy them in a quantity of one, two, four or five, so you can get as many of 'em as you need to set up your rig quicker. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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