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Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack Review

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Review of the Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack

What's going on, everybody Adam here, with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack. What we have here, is a 12 volt electric trailer jack. It's gonna be hooked up to your battery inside your trailer, or you can just hook it up to your junction box, to get power from your tow vehicle. So with this, the nice thing about it is we aren't gonna have to crank anything. So, if you're looking for something that's gonna be a little bit less strenuous on your arms, or maybe a little bit quicker, we're gonna have up and down.

And it is relatively quiet. I've heard louder ones in the past, but I have seen some that are a little bit slower than this. So, it is a pretty quiet and quick jack, which is always a plus. And, it does have a couple of different features, including LEDs on the right, left, and the front, which is always a plus. This trailer jack is gonna give us a total of 23 inches of lift, and that's gonna be from the ground, all the way up to the mounting plate here.

And that's gonna be basically 18 inches of the actual down tube, and about four and a half inches from our little footplate here. And it can go all the way down to about nine and a half inches as well. So, you can get it really high up like this, which I don't see me having to do this, even if I did have a jacked-up truck, but it also go pretty low as well. Our footplate here is gonna have a diameter of five and a half inches. We're gonna have four holes.

They're gonna be spaced out about an inch and a half apart. They're all gonna be coded. So, it is going to have an extra strong durability to it. So, if you are maybe hauling around in the winter, the salt's not gonna rust any of this away. Our bottom section of the jack is gonna be coated, so it is gonna resist against rust and corrosion.

But, the top tube is gonna have a powder coated finish, so it's also gonna resist against rust and corrosion, with all the elements that you may be throwing at it. If you don't have a garage, or a shed to put this in, it's gonna be fine sitting outside. Moving on up, we're still gonna have protection with the electrical components. It is gonna be a sealed box, so we don't have to worry about the rain getting into it, or anything like that. And then the switches are gonna have a nice rubber coating on top of them. So again, no water is gonna get into the seams there. We are gonna have a little leveling eye right here, and that just has a little air bubble in there, and a nice little circle, so it's going to help you level it out side-to-side, and of course, front to back. As you can see, it's a little uncentered, so by just moving this down, it should get right in the middle. That's gonna let us know that it's nice and level, so then we can chalk everything up, and we don't have to worry about it rolling away. If, for some reason, you lose power, we can go ahead and use a 7/16th inch socket, and we can take this little plug off the top, it's pretty difficult to get off, but that's good, we know the seal's good. And we can stick this in there, and then this is gonna allow us to crank it manually, which is always a plus, just in case you do get put in those situations to where you don't really have power. So, you always have an opt-out there. This jack is gonna have a 4,500 pound capacity, so make sure that it's gonna be beefy enough for your setup. On our enclosed trailer, this is gonna be perfect. We replaced it with a 4,500, but we had a 4,000 pound jack on it before, and it does really, really well. I would definitely recommend getting an electric jack, just because it makes it a lot simpler and easier. And this one has all the things I look for. It's got the leveling on top. It's got the coated little switches here. It's got some LEDs as well, and it looks good too. It really didn't take me much time at all. I probably had about the same amount of time taking the jack off, than I did putting the new one in. So, let's run over that simple installation process with you now. First things first, we wanna remove our jack, if you are replacing your jack. And to do that, we can do two things. You can keep it on your vehicle, or you can get some jack stands, like we have today, to get it up, so you can get the jack off. Now, we do wanna make sure that the diameter of our hole is gonna be at least two and a quarter inches, 'cause that is the size of this down tube. And, that's gonna allow it to actually go in. And then one thing I also did, was take a little pipe cleaner, and clean out those threads, 'cause as you can see, we have a little bit of rust. We wanna make sure that you can keep the hardware nice. And then I did go ahead and scrape some of this off right here, because we are gonna be using that as a ground. That being said, what you wanna do now is remove your footplate, your pin. Now we can go ahead, and place this down to our hole. We're gonna rotate it to fit our holes, and we can either have it facing forward, facing to the side, whatever works for you. We can either reuse the hardware that we took off, take off our initial jack, or you can just use the hardware included with the kit. One thing you do need to do, is take our little star washers here, and this is gonna ensure that we have a good ground. So, this is gonna go in between our coupler and our plate. This is gonna go underneath, so just get it slid in there, and line it up. And then we can take our hardware and start threading in. I like to get it started with my hands, if possible, and cleaning out those threads really helps with that. So, we can go ahead, and do the same exact thing for all three. And then we'll go ahead, and tighten them down, all at the same time. What I like to do, is get them pretty tight and snug, on all three sides. And, then what I like to do, is come back, and we want you to torque it to the torque specs in our instructions. So, go ahead and do that. Now that we have our jack installed, and our ground is good, we can go ahead and take care of our power wire. So, we do have a couple of things that come with the kit. We do want to use our little fuse here. What you're gonna do is cut it, and we wanna put this as close to the battery as possible, but we're not gonna be using it today, because we already have one installed on the battery that we have. But, if you don't, go ahead and cut this, and then use the little ring terminal that is included with the kit, to put it on your battery. And then of course, we're gonna use our little heat shrink connector to connect to the other side. But again, we're not gonna be using that today, 'cause we already have one in place. So, now you can go ahead and take your power wire, you can cut this down if you want to. And we can go ahead and use our little heat shrink connector, and connect the two together, then you wanna crimp down on it, using a tool, and make sure it's nice and tight. Give it a couple of different cramps, in a couple of different spots. Once that's done, you can go ahead and you can take a lighter, or a torch, or I'm using a heat gun, to get it nice and shrunken up, and secure it. Before we do anything else, we wanna make sure that it works, and it does, of course. So, now you can go ahead and take some zip ties I recommend doing, and securing the rest of our cable, so it's nice and neat. Last thing to do, is to secure our footplate, just like this, put our pin through, click it into place, and go ahead and lower this down, and take it off the jack stands, and we are done. And that'll do it for a look at the Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack..

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