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Stromberg Carlson RV Lawn Chair Rack Review

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Review of the Stromberg Carlson RV Lawn Chair Rack

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we'll be checking out the Stromberg Carlson lawn chair rack. So this is gonna attach to your ladder and allow you to carry your lawn chairs on the outside of your rig. That way you don't have to find space for 'em on the inside or in the basement doors. Let's check it out. You're gonna have two aluminum arms with rubber grips at the end.

The rubber grips are gonna help protect the chairs from getting scratched up so you don't have to worry about that. You have the straps which hold the lawn chairs in place in these grooves. So not only has it got the rubber there it's got a groove so it sits in there. It's gonna be less movement. Now it does move a little bit back and forth but it is pretty far from the ladder.

So it won't make contact, but if you wanna be extra careful maybe get another strap and you can strap it to the ladder. That way there's no movement whatsoever. These arms do have a weight capacity of 50 pounds. So just make sure you don't put too much on there and exceed that and break the arms. Another nice thing is that when they aren't in use we can pull a pin and pull 'em aside.

So let's pull this pin out. Slide over, replace the pin, and now they're all the way to the ladder. You can hop up there. Now we'll talk about what it does and how it works, how hard is it to install. It's actually not too bad.

It can be a little tedious, but they give you the Allen wrench and I would just suggest getting another wrench for the nut side of it. But check out how I did it. First part of the install is getting our arms set up. I've already attached one of them. I'm gonna give you a pointer when you go to do this. There is a left and a right. You wanna keep these even. And a way to turn tell that out is I'm gonna show you. So pull the pin and you want the arm to go to the outside. That way you can still use the ladder with these installed on there. So we know this one's on the left side so I can put this one on the right side so we get it attached. It's gonna fold outside the ladder. So I'm gonna line it up with one where you have installed. This part is little tedious 'cause you're gonna have these brackets. You have a bracket that comes behind it and I'll run a bolt and a nut on this side. So make sure the bolt comes pointing towards you and the nut comes on this side because you're gonna need to tighten that down. And this gives you more space for the wrench. Now we got the bracket. Line that up there. Make sure they are even with each other. And it might help to have a second set of hands for this just because you have the bolts and the bracket and you're trying to hold everything up. But it can be done one handed. So I'm holding the bracket together run the bolt through and then hand thread the nut on. Then I do the bottom bracket first and tie that up so it helps hold it in place. Now I tightened up the other side so that it kind of held it there. I come back with the wrench. You see now when I'm talking about there's more room to move the wrench the ratchet it to tighten it onto the ladder. And with this tightened, it should stay in place and I can go up the ladder and attach the next bracket and just like the bottom bracket and tighten up the top bracket. Now let's put it to the test and load up our lawn chairs. I'm gonna put it on the smaller section of the lawn chair just cause that gives it less room to move around instead of each in that groove. And then we'll run the straps. Well I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helped..

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