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SuperSprings SumoSprings Trailer Helper Springs Review

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Review of the SuperSprings SumoSprings Trailer Helper Springs

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Super Spring SumoSprings line of Trailer Helper Springs.Now, here you can see our helper springs installed. Once our trailer's down on the ground, these are going to make contacts right there at the bottom of the frames. So whether our trailer's completely unloaded or fully loaded, we're going to get a lot of great benefits. These are designed to be compressed. As you can see, they're kind of flexible there, made of a microcellular urethane. When the trailer comes down, it's just going to have a little bit of help on the lighter loads, but the more and more that we compress this, so as our load gets heavier, we're going to get a firmer and firmer feel from our spring.

So it's going to work across all load levels for us.I think these are going to be really good at helping to extend the life of our springs, smoothing out our ride as we travel with our trailer, and overall you'll see a lot of good benefits out of them.Now, the microcellular urethane is essentially a foam that's closed cell, so as we're traveling down the road, UV rays, salt, dirt, different things like that aren't going to get inside and cause us any kind of issues. Whether it's really cold outside or really hot outside, we're going to get the same performance, and since it is a closed cell material, these should last the life of your trailer.Another nice thing about this setup is if your trailer is unevenly loaded these are going to work independently of one another. We have one on the passenger, one on the driver.

So even if we have more weight on the driver, it's going to do a little bit more work; more weight on the passenger, it's going to do a little bit more work. Now, as we said before, the top of the spring is going to make contact with the bottom frame of your trailer at all times. So, that being said, not only do these help to support the weight and take a lot of that stress and strain off of your suspension, they're also going to act like shock absorbers. So our trailer is going to be more quiet, and it's going to be a much smoother ride. We're not going to have all the bouncing that we're used to.

Overall, you're just going to have a better trailering experience.Now let's take our trailer through our bumps course. We're going to do a before and after. You can see before there's a lot of excess movement in that suspension system that we really don't need. That leads to increased felt movement inside your vehicle and also a lot more noise. After we have the system installed, it's much quieter inside the truck, and you'll notice there's a lot less of the bouncing up and down motion.

We've only got about 800 pounds or so on the trailer so we certainly don't have them fully compressed, but you can already tell there's a big difference in the way the trailer performs.Now one thing to keep in mind. While these are a really nice addition to your trailer, they are not going to increase its capacity. The trailer's capacity is its capacity. We do not want to exceed that. These just help give us an improvement in the experience we get while using the trailer.Now, in this configuration, this is what we call an overslung axle, so our axle is slung over the spring. This is the overslung axle kit. Now for the underslung axle, all of this will be reversed. So this portion, this flat portion, the ends of our U-bolts will be up here. This is just going to sit right down on top of it. Then we've got the U-bolts that are hooks. They go in these holes right here, and basically we're going to pinch this plate. So this will grab the bottom of that plate, and then as we tighten it down, it's going to hold the spring down. So, really easy installation whether you've got the overslung or the underslung.Now, you'll also notice that there's a line relocation bracket sold with the kit. Now, here's a good example of where you're going to need a line relocation kit. You can see this is our gas line. It's up and out of the way. It's in an okay area, but we have our brake wires that run right here, and they've attached to the bottom of the frame. That SumoSpring kit is going to be resting right here. We certainly don't want this to get pinched to where it might cause our brakes to fail. So with that relocation kit, we're able to bring it out further from the frame of the trailer, giving our SumoSpring a good area to make contact.Now, once we get everything installed, as we lower our trailer we want to keep an eye on the top of our springs. We want to make sure we have that preload set properly, so just about a 1/2" before our trailer is fully lowered, we want to make sure that these make contact with the bottom of that frame. If it doesn't, add in an extra spacer. Now you can see with our trailer resting on the ground, we've got our preload set and it's going to be ready for use. Now, one thing to keep in mind, this system is designed to improve your trailer. It's not designed to fix a broke or damaged suspension system, so you want to have your suspension in good shape and add this kit to get the benefits.Now before you begin your installation, we need to get a quick measurement, and basically we're going to do this with our trailer sitting on the ground. It's just a lot easier for us to see when I get it up in the air like this, so we'll show you what we're going to do. Going to take our bracket. We're going to place it over top of our spring right here. The rounded tab should be up and down. The square tab should be horizontal or kind of in a straight line. Now we're going to lower the trailer down. We're going to get the weight put back on it, and we need to measure the distance from the top of our bracket to the bottom of our frame right here. That's going to give us the number we'll use to determine how many spacers we want to have in our setup.Now with the tandem trailer setup like we're going to do here, I'm going to measure the back and the front just to see if there's any difference. Of course on a single, you're not going to have to worry about that. On a triple axle, I just double check make sure that there's not a small variation from front to back, so we can get maximum potential out of our setup.Now we're going to take our spacers. The measurement I got when it was on the ground was 4-3/4" from the top of my bracket to the bottom of my trailer. That means I need to be at 5 or 5-1/4. We want a 1/4 to a 1/2" of compression in our spring in just a normal setting. So the way we're going to set it up, looks like that's going to be right at 5-1/4, so that's going to be ideal for our setup. Just make sure you get yours right.All right. Now we can get our assembly put together. You're going to have two 8mm bolts; one's a little bit longer, one's a little bit shorter. Since we're using all of the spacers, we're going to go with the longer one. You'll see the hole right down there. Drop our bolt through just like that. Now we want that to come down through our spacers so you got a little bit of it sticking out there at the end. We'll line that up with the hole in the middle of our SumoSpring there. When you do that, little bit of blue Loctite, which is included, we're going to put on there. We'll get that threaded in. We're just going to get everything lined up. You can see our spacers, just want to get them square as possible. We'll tighten that down.All right. At that point, it's ready to go in position. We're going to take our longer U-bolt in this case. It's going to come around the front of the spring. You see those U-bolts that hold the spring in place there, and we want the back side to come out right through that tab. Flat washer's going to go on and a nylon locknut. inaudible 00:08:17 do that on both sides, and here on the bottom we're going to use the shorter U-bolt. Come up and in and the same thing there, flat washer, nylon locknut on both sides.We'll use our 13mm. We'll get our U-bolts tightened down. I'm going to tighten this one up first so that pulls it up against the spring. Then we'll tighten this one. We want to tighten these evenly and it does not take a lot of torque. The biggest thing is you just don't want to bend the U-bolt. There's a point as you tighten it down it wants to start to bend, just stop. All the force is going to be pushing this down and on. There's nothing pulling against it, and that's really all there is to the installation.We're done with this side. At this point, we're going to go over to the other side and do the same thing there. Two of these springs comes in each kit, so you want to ensure that you get one kit per axle you're going to be working on. That's going to complete our look at the Super Springs line of SumoSpring Trailer Helper Springs.



Would these be a good addition to an off-road teardrop trailer?

David B.


Yeah man, it would, do it! Or if you want to go all out get an axle-less system like what Timbren offers. Check the link out.



@DavidB thanks man! Timbren is not in reach yet haha. I have leafs, shocks, air bags now so these might be a good option. Teardrop Trailer weights 1350 dry

David B.


Are the air bags not doing a good job anymore?
See All (6) Replies to Adam ∨

Anthony K.


i have a tandem axle trailer. do i need to add them to both axles?

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


To receive full benefit I would definitely add a kit to each axle of your trailer. Installing the SumoSprings on just the front or rear axle may create a bit of an uneven ride and wouldn't offer balanced support, assuming your trailer is relatively evenly loaded. There isn't a tandem axle kit so you'll just order two of the part # TSS-106-40 .

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