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Surco Vans and RV Lawn Chair Rack Review

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Review of the Surco Vans and RV Lawn Chair Rack

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the Surco Lawn Chair Holder. It's gonna go on your ladder on the back of your rig or even your van. You're gonna attach it on there and then you can hang up your chairs, strap them down, and you don't have to find space for them in the basement doors or in the inside. Let's check it out. Taking a look at the arms themselves, they're made out of a heavy duty aluminum.

They're even rubberized here on the portions where the chair sits. You don't have to worry about them getting scuffed up, and it just helps with better grip. You can see me pushing back and forth. They're not easily moving anywhere. So we only have two chairs on here right now, but it can hold a total of six and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, so just make sure you don't exceed that.

So there are some things to think about when you are gonna hang your chairs up here where you're gonna mount the arms. You do want them up and out of the way of your bumper if you had one down here, way down here. Luckily our ladder is in the center, but another thing to look out for is your ladder is more towards the side, you wouldn't want to cover up the taillights either. We have the straps up here up top. Really easy to run those through, pull them tight to keep the chairs in place, another thing to help them just not move back and forth a whole lot.

We'll move the chairs to take a better look at the arms themselves. The strap, just pull back on it a little bit, feed it back through, and remove it. When they're not in use, you can just put the strap back through the buckle. Now we are mounting these to the ladder, we don't want the ladder unusable 'cause you might need to get to the roof sometime. So you have the pins up here up top, you just pull that out and then you can turn the arm to the side.

That way they're out of the way and you can go all the way up the ladder. One thing we did notice is on this side, this bottom portion wasn't quite big enough for the pin. So I maybe recommend getting a drill and drilling out just a little bit more so it can slide back down. The other side worked just fine. Make sure you only put chairs on here, lawn chairs is what it's rated for. Again, the weight is only 50 pounds. It can hold six chairs, so just keep it around there. You don't wanna overload this and cause any issues. Now we've talking about what it is and what it's for, let's talk about how to install. It's not too bad depending on where you wanna put this. On the ladder, you have some brackets and screw them from the back. Check out how I did it. Starting the install, I've already installed some of the brackets. You're gonna have to hold up the arm and get that. You're gonna have the back bracket that goes on. It's not threaded, but this portion at the front is threaded. So we're gonna show you on this one over here, hold it into place. It comes with the Allen wrench that you need to do this and I'm just gonna get it hand tight, so I don't have to hold it the whole time. We'll get that one started and we'll do the other one on the other side. And it comes with the Allen wrench you need to tighten them down. I would try and do it evenly, you don't wanna tighten one side down all the way, so just go back and forth until it gets on there tight. Now once you've set it up, you can either leave it the arms at the side, that way it's out of the way, you can access the ladder and climb up, or you can get it ready for the chairs and just line up this slot with the hole in the side and then throw your chair up there. Overall, I think it's a good idea to add it to your rigs just to carry some extra chairs that you wouldn't be able to fit in the basement or inside. Now, this one is the Surco one, compared to the Stromberg Carlson one. That one only holds four chairs and the insulation is a little more difficult on that one just because it has bolts and nuts that you have to run through. So this one, you do have to hold that bracket in place, but it's easier to have that one threaded side than trying to fit a nut on there too. I think that's about it though. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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