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Surco Spare Tire Mounted Cargo Basket Review - 2012 Jeep Wrangler

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Review of the Surco Spare Tire Mounted Cargo Basket on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler

Today on our 2012 Jeep Wrangler we're going to be test fitting the Surco spare tire-mounted cargo carrier. It measures 19 by 43 and it offers a 100 pound weight capacity. Its part number is SPSJ4319. Now to begin our test fit we're going to set the carrier aside. We need to remove the spare tire from the vehicle. Most of them are going to have three lug nuts here holding them in place. This one in particular has a wheel lock on it.

We'll get that one off and finally our third. It's a good idea any time you have all the nuts off just to keep some pressure on it to keep it from falling off. We're then going to take a rubber-handled screwdriver or whatever you have that's nice and soft. We're going to tap out the center cap in our spare tire there. You see we got that removed. Now set the spare up against something so it's easily accessible.

We're going to remove the mounting plate from our cargo carrier. Just one bolt, easy to take out. We'll then bring our mounting plate over to our vehicle, and we need to get it positioned. As you can see, we've got several different options to fit several different types of vehicles, but we need to get it to position to where all three of the lugs here come through the face of that plate. We'll then bring our spare tire back in. We're going to bring the long part of the shank here through the middle of the spare tire.

Then we'll put it right back up onto our lugs here. There we go. Now you see that the shank of that's going to come right through the center of the spare tire and we've got our three lug nuts facing back out there . or the three studs sticking out. We'll take our lug nuts and we're going to thread them back on there. Now again, any time you don't have a lug nut on securing that to the vehicle it's a good idea to keep a hand on it.

Certainly don't want it bouncing off there coming after you. I like to give those three or four good turns before I use any kind of a wrench or anything, just to make sure we don't have them crossthreaded. Then we'll just start torquing them down. All right, with our spare tightened back on there to specification, we'll bring our cargo carrier in. We'll slide the shank coming through our spare tire into the shank coming off the carrier. Slide the bolt through. We're going to put a washer on this side, as we slide it in a second washer, and then a nylon lock nut there. Then we just need to get this tightened down. All right with that nice and secure on the back of our Wrangler we're going to load the Surco spare tired-mounted cargo carrier up with about 100 pounds and we'll take it through our test course just so you can see exactly how it's going to operate on the back of our 2002 Jeep Wrangler. Again, that's Surco cargo carrier. its part number is SPSJ4319. .

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