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Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket Review

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Review of the Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket

Today, we're going to be reviewing the Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Baskets. These come in a variety of different sizes ranging anywhere from 45 inches wide to 65 inches wide and 50 inches long to 100 inches long. Today, the specific one we're going to be working with is part number SPS4560, it's a 60-inch by 45-inch basket. Now to see the variety of sizes, you can check out our website at The Surco Safari 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket is going to be a great addition to have. It's going to allow you to free up room from inside your vehicle making more room for passengers or pets. It can also take care of hauling some of that nasty or dirty gear that you may have whether it's wet or muddy, it's going to keep it out of your vehicle and now it's on top of your roof. The Surco line of Rooftop Cargo Baskets are going to offer a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

It's got a really nice floor design with the panels and the crossbars which is going to support whatever it is that you have to load in here. This is going to be made from a lightweight aluminum construction, but yet it's very strong and very durable. It's going to feature 3/4 inch square tubing, also making it very easy to get a tie down strap, bungee cord, or a ratchet strap with a hook around the outer wall. This basket features a durable black powder coat finish to help it stand up well against rust and corrosion. Now that we've gone over a few features, we're going to go ahead and show you how to install the Surco Safari Basket onto our roof rack. This rooftop basket is available in a variety of fits for your roof rack system, it's going to fit a square bar system which is what we are working with today.

It will fit a round bar system and a factory roof rack system. Now, we've already got the basket positioned the way that we want on our roof rack system. The kit's going to include these baskets that fit over the side rail here on the basket. We simply need to line those up with our roof rack crossbars. It's going to come with these U-bolts that go around the underside of the bars and then we simply tighten those on by installing the included nuts. Now the hardware is going to be supplied with the kit. The baskets can be purchased with just the baskets and no kit, or they can be kitted together to include the fit kit.

Once we have these loosely installed, we can go ahead and tighten them down. We are going to be using a socket wrench with a long socket on it today and the size is going to 7/16 of an inch. Now, I always like to make sure that it's tightened down evenly on both sides. All right, with this bracket tight, we'll repeat that same process for the other three. Surco offers some additional accessories that are going to be sold separately, but the accessories include a light mounting bracket, part number SPLT100; spare tire carrier, part number SPST100; a hi-lift jack carrier, part number SP1108; and an axe and shovel carrier, part number SPAX100. That's going to complete today's review of the Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Baskets.


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