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Swagman RV Mounted 4 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Swagman RV Mounted 4 Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Swagman 4 Bike RV Mounted Bike Rack, part number S80600. As you can see, the bumper-mounted bike rack is going to allow us to transport up to 4 bikes to wherever we need to go. We are limited to 30 lb per bike. They use a very heavy duty steel construction which gets us up to that weight limit. As you can see there's also a nice, black powder coat finish. It's going to resist corrosion and keep a long-lasting good look for us.

We've got additional support bars mounted right to the frame of the rack. They come up to give us a good connection point to secure our bikes. Now that we've gone over the features of it, let me show you how to get this installed on your motorhome. As you can see, we've already got half of it installed. I just wanted to save you a little bit of time. They're going to install exactly the same way.

What we'll do is you can see I've started loosely my front set of bolts. I just do that so that when I slide it on it's going to give me a good stopping point you can see there. Then we want to adjust it, of course, so the front wheel of our bike will sit on one side and the rear wheel will sit on the other. It's adjustable as, well, as wide as your bumper is so it'll have good adaptability with a wide variety of bikes. We're going to take our two bolts and slide those right down through. They'll go through the top and then also the bottom support bar that's down here.

We've then got a washer that goes on, as well as a nylon locking nut. We thread those right on the bottom of both of our bolts. Now let's start tightening them down. Once we have our rear bolts tightened there, we'll take care of our front ones. As you can see, nice and secure, and snug.

Now two things to keep in mind. There's two special bolts. You've got a shorter set of bolts. We're going to have eight of them. Two of them are just a little bit longer. Those are designed to go through the two holes where you mount your support brackets. Same can be said for our longer bolts. We've got eight of these as well for mounting to the bumper. Two of them will be slightly longer and those are for use, here and here, on our inter 00:03:17 support bracket that goes up. So just keep that in mind. You'll have two of the longer ones that are a little bit longer, two of the shorter ones that are a little bit longer, and that's where they should go. Now that we've shown you how to install the rack, let's load it up with some bikes. As you can see, our bike rims are going to fit nicely right in between our grooves there, help support them. Of course with our handlebars, we want to put the bikes in back to front, then front to back so we'll have clearance for our bars as we do it. As we've said, this will accommodate 4 bikes. They need to be similar in wheelbase size. As you see we'll have a little bit of wiggle room here, where we can get a few longer, few shorter bikes installed, but they'll need to be pretty similar. As you can see here, we've got our 4 bikes loaded up. We've secured this side by connecting to our front support bar, and we've tied it all the way around into the frame onto our camper. We'll do the same thing here on this side, just connect into our support bar, and then we'll need to feed it in through the rims and frames of our bike. It's important to make your connection directly to the RV or camper. This is going to help us do a couple things. The first thing it's going to do is help us ensure that, in the case of some kind of unfortunate failure, that our bikes are going to stay secured to our rack. But it's also going to help us ensure that our rack stays attached to our RV or our motorhome. That's going to keep both us safe, our equipment safe, and anybody that might be driving behind us safe. See, once we've got those nice and secure, we'll be ready to hit the road and have some fun. .

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What is the maximum tire width for this bike rack? Will this fit a 5” fat tire bike?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

If you put the larger fat tires between the larger sections then yes, but it would take away your ability to load 4 bikes.

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