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Swagman Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock and Cable Review

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Review of the Swagman Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock and Cable

Hi, everyone, it's Eve Angeline here And today we are looking at our Swagman Anti-rattle bolt with lock and cable set here at etrailer. This is a great option to have, if you want to protect your bike rack, as well as your bikes. And if you want to upgrade from maybe you only have a hitch lock or just a anti-rattle bolt and you want that extra security in your life. While you can also get the anti-rattle bolt separately. This is the set.

So it comes with this nice cable. I really like it. It looks good, it feels good, it feels secure. And this is made of a braided steel cable inside and that's wrapped around with this vinyl coating. So this vinyl coating really helps prevent scuffs and scratches on your bike while it's securing it.

The other end of the cable, is secured by the anti-rattle bolt, making this an all in one system. Securing both your bike rack, as well as your bikes. I like this method because one it allows me to use the full length and another I'm secured it by just one key, to my entire system. Things to know about this set though, is that this is designed for your inch and a quarter bike racks or your bike racks that use a combo shank, just like our Swagman XC two, that uses a two inch adapter sleeve on it. So note it works with that and not with any other kinds of bike rack.

If you do have a two inch solid shank, we do have another set that will fit you. I have here the old anti-rattle bolt from our Swagman XC two and you can see holding them together, how much of a difference it is and why you would want to upgrade to this hitch pin lock. So the hitch pin lock, it is triple Chrome plated. So you can see how much shinier it is from the old one, as well as how it prevents rust and corrosion from damaging or changing the color of your anti-rattle bolt. As for the lock itself, it's an upgrade from the pin, the other versions have.

And this lock is nice, it's circular so that you can tighten your bolt down, without having to take it off. And it's also spring loaded. So you just insert that into place. As long as the keys are attached, it pops right in there. And then from here you can, detach the keys, that way you're not losing your keys, when it isn't in the locked position. One of my personal favorite features is the dust cover, because it's so easy to use. You just push it open and then you can lock it, unlock it and then push it back into place. That way you don't have dust, grinds, snow or dirt getting in there and clogging up your lock core. The anti-rattle bolt plus the lock, plus the key at the end, are eight and a half inches long. Just something to keep in mind, in case you don't have clearance around your hitch. As an all-purpose set, one of the things you can use it for, is an emergency. You can secure your bike to a bike stand, so if you're out and about, and you want to park your bike in front of the restaurant or at the trail at the bike stand, you can use this to wrap around your bike. Now, one thing is that this does work with your anti-rattle bolt as a lock. If you have another lock, that's a good option as well to use. And in an emergency, you can use your anti-rattle bolt to secure it. Just something to keep in mind in case you really need it. Also we have bunch of different locks here. I got tools just to try out and see the differences. Do you have any like questions in particular about any of the locks while they are down here. Thanks. we've got two Swagman locks and we've got two Kuat locks. And as I understand it, One is for the inch and a quarter rack, the Swagman and Kuat and the other one is for two inch racks, the Swagman and Kuat, correct. And one of them will not work in a two inch rack. No. So the thing is with this shank for a solid two inch racks, is that, like this, we have the XC two, which is an inch and a quarter and a two inch sleeve. So that fits into this one, because the hole for this hitch pin, the hitch pin hole is smaller, so the thread really catches on. So if you do have a two inch solid rack. Like for the Kuat, you have the Kuat Sherpa. Then it's not gonna work with that because, then you just have the smaller inch and a quarter, hitch pin lock rattling around inside that hole. And that would not be very secure, correctNo , it wouldn't, no. You'd lose all the anti-rattle function and it will put more stress on your lock itself cause that's what's holding in place. It's not evenly distributed anymore. Now the two Swagman locks are anti-rattle. Are the Kuat locks anti-rattleMan NoThey are not. So we have the here, the hitch pin locks. So they're not anti-rattle locks. And, as you can see there's no thread on there. There's nothing for anti the anti-rattle function. It just sticks in there and then is locked down. Now that's because a lot of the Kuat, Oh it's over here. A lot of the Kuat bike racks have their own anti-rattle knob at the end, though. So some of your bike racks don't need an anti-rattle hitch lock. They just need a hitch pin lock. Man Which are all the, the Kuats, just as long as they fit inside the hitch, though basically work on any of the bike racks you have, as long as they don't need a specific type of like a anti-rattle bolt or anything like that. So i guess that would make it a little bit more universalMan Yeah. So the Kuat are, are fairly universal. But the Swagmans are pretty much along the specific to Swagman racks. Yeah . This thread pattern is very important. Cause I know the different bike racks have their own different thread pattern. And that's what causes the anti-rattle to happen. So if you use a different lock on your bike rack, you can risk damaging your lock and or your bike rack. And you definitely don't wanna force it in. If it doesn't go in, you just stop rightYeah Yes. Or else it would have to end up replacing your shank or your bike rack. SureIf you wanna compare though this is the anti-rattle bolt that comes with the XC two. So there's no locking function on the XCT two, cause it's like your base bike rack. So for people that want to upgrade to the anti-rattle hitch lock. You can see how much of a difference there is in size quality, hitch and lock. This is where you're upgrading from. No, there's quite a big difference there. Yeah. This amount. This is the amount of thread though, but it's the lock itselfMan And quality is definitely very telling between these two. Maybe it's just cause it's universal, but the Swagman are definitely way, way better made compared. You wanna give a little shake test with this one. lets just shake without the keysMan Without the keys. Especially. So the first thing we you notice when you put it in a lock is how wobbly it is inside the lock. I don't like that. Man Yeah. Yeah . You can hear it from over, over of usYeah. It definitely feels a lot different compared to when you have the, the Swagman in. So there's a, there's a big difference in feel as well. Man Not to mention even between the Kuat, this one definitely is a lot better. I think just the design in general is a lot more appealing than just the big tumbler like they have on this one. Which I mean it will work for sure. But compared that to just like this looks a lot more streamlined. It's something that I'd actually wanna have on my vehicle and on my bike rack. YeahMan So. And that is the two inch one correctMan That is the two inch one. Have you all had experience with attaching like a hitch lock on your bike racks or your cargo carriersCan you run through it real quickYeah. So like for these, the main thing with this though is you need a tool to tighten it down, since it is an anti-rattle bolt. Which is why I also recommend picking up the performance tool and socket, because I just makes my life a lot easier. You just put it in, hand tighten it as much as you can then use your socket or your tool to really tighten it down and then you lock it into place. So this is nice cause you can't remove the keys until you have the lock in the spring. So that means you don't lose your lock. Until you do. OkayMan Another good thing. Oh, go ahead. You won't need a tool at all for the Kuat ones, they just slide right inThey do just slide right in. So that's one thing that's, that's pro for this type of. Man It's quicker to get on. So if you're in a hurryIt just slides right on. And then you just pop that right into place and take that right off. So you're not cleaning anything down. Man I will say though, that we do have kits luckily for the Swagman. They come with a cable lock, which is really nice. And that's always super useful. If you have like, we have two bikes on there. Maybe they're a little bit more expensive. It just gives you a little bit more safe of mind. And the fact that they are both key to like is super nice. They are. That's nice that you can use one key for both locks. So like after you taken down your, your hitch lock, that's when you put the cable in. Yeah right there. And then you lock it into place with this. That's another reason why they're a little bit longer too so that you have space for that key to lock. Sure. Anytime I would recommend these though, I always recommend getting the performance tool as wellAnd what size of wrench is that againSo this uses a three-fourth socket. Not sure that's your what drive it is though. Man But at least if you're able to get a three-fourths socket it'll work on these so. YeahMan And most people will usually have, if they have some kind of socket set up they'll have the three-fourths on them. But if you happen, not to you can always just pick it up with us, which is nice. If I said you did a very good job of displaying all the difference all four locks. Looks like each one of them might have an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you do when. It says, yeah. At first I wasn't so sure about the hitch pins style but is a lot faster to use. So if your bike already has the anti-rattle knob on it, why notMan Sure. Okay. Well, thank you very much for showing us that. Thank you for calling and the questions. Alright will you take care. You too. Thanks. Bye everyone This comes with a seven foot cable. And what I like to do is really up to you and what you want to wrap it around and what you want to secure. But I first go through the wheel and then I wrapped it around the frame and then around the rim, Cause I know there are some expensive rims out there that you don't want getting stolen. And just wrap it around the bike as much as you can. Secure before you lock it into place To install your anti-rattle, just pop it into your hitch receivers, hitch pin hole and try to tighten it as much as you can with your hands. And from there you can use the wrenches included with your bike rack. But I recommend picking up our performance tool and that makes the whole process a lot easier. Just tighten it down. Once you have your anti-rattle bolt installed, you can then insert your end of the cable into it, and then lock it on the other end with your locking piece. From here make sure everything is secure before you take out the keys. Close that and you are ready to go. My final thoughts about this set is I do like how it gives me the option to secure my bikes and my bike racks with this cable. I do like this loop in option, which allows me to use the cable to its full capacity, as well as how it works together with my anti-rattle bolt. So you get your anti-rattle, you get your lock and you get your cable all in this one system. And it's key to like. And that was a look at our Swagman anti-rattle bolt and lock with a cable set for your inch and quarter and two inch combo shanks here at

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