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Swagman Coronado Rooftop Kayak Carrier w/ Tie Downs Review

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Review of the Swagman Coronado Rooftop Kayak Carrier w/ Tie Downs

Today, we're going to be taking a look at Swagman Coronado. This is a rooftop kayak carrier system with tiedowns. It's in the saddle style and it has a universal mount. The part number on it is S65149. The carrier's going to have 4 of these saddle-style mounts for you to load your kayak up onto. As you can see, they are fully pivoting here. This is going to help it to adjust to many different styles and sizes of kayak hulls.

We've got a copolymer base here which gives us a really nice soft rubber, or polyvinyl that they call it. It's going to protect our hull from scratches or any kind of scuffs that we might have. Then we've got the glass reinforced thermoplastic saddles down here. These are going to be really lightweight and still stay very durable. Now that we've gone over our features of our kayak carrier, let's show you how to get thing installed. To start with, these are going to be great for mounting on any style of bar really, whether it's the round, the elliptical, the square.

As you can see, we've got our square notch. We've got our circular notch. As long as it's under 2 1/2 inches wide, we'll be able to mount it right on top of there. To do that, we'll just remove our wingnuts from both sides. With those removed, we're going to remove the black plate that goes on the bottom. It's going to leave our two, as you can see it's a carriage style bolt, exposed.

We can then just place that right down around our bars. You can see I've already got the other 3 installed, just to kind of save us a little bit of time here and give you a good idea of how they work. We bring our black plate back onto the bottom. Then we'll need to thread our wingnut back on. You may need to hold that carriage bolt down, just to get it started. Then the weight or your wingnut's going to pull that down through.

I'm going grab the other one that I dropped. Right in 00:02:05 on this side. All right, I want to take some of the slack out of here. I'm going to start tightening it down a little bit. I don't want to go to far. I do want to make an adjustment, potentially, just to make sure that my front half and my rear half are in line with one another, so I going to take a quick look there. Yeah, looks good. Now that we've confirmed we've got it where we want it, let's just continue tightening our wingnuts down. All right, perfect. As you can see, we're nice and secure. We've got it secure down to our roofrack system. You do want to keep in mind you need to have a minimum crossbar spread of 24 inches. Just factor that in, make sure you've got that crossbar spread and make sure it will work for you. We'll now grab our kayak and place it right on in. As you can see, as this gets placed down in there, those cradles come up, hold right onto the hull of our kayak for us. Now, all we have to do is get it strapped down and we'll be able to hit the road. Now, for securing our kayak to our crossbar system and also to our carrier, Swagman provided the cam buckle straps. As you can see here, there's a protective cover that's on the backside of our cam. That's just going to keep it from rubbing up against anything and cause any kind of scuffs or scrapes. We'll extend out our strap. This is going to go around the underside of our crossbar. We'll pull the slack out here. Whip 00:04:10 that out, we'll take right over top of our kayak. Now, once I get to the driver's side, or the opposite side, I'm going to that same thing with the strap. I'll bring it down, bring around the underside of my bar, and then right back over the watercraft. Once we get back over here, we're going to feed the tag end through the cam buckle. Now, from here it's just a matter of cinching that strap down. You see it's nice and secure, kayak's nice and secure. That tag end, if you want to, you can just tidy it up a little bit. There you go. Now, to secure the rear, you do the exact same thing. We've got two straps to get this all accomplished with. All right, as you can see, nice and secure, very good sturdy fit. Now we've got kayak secured, let's go ahead and take a look at the bow and the stern lines, that's also provided by Swagman, and get those secured. You see we've made our connection down on the underside of our vehicle. We want to use something pretty solid, want to use steel to make that connection. We'll then bring our bow tiedown to the front portion of our carrier here and now we just need to get it secured. Got that tied off, we'll secure our excess, a nice little strap there just to hang it into. This is just going to give us extra support to keep that front end from lifting or moving on us. Now, we'll go right around to the stern. We can do the same thing. Again, we just connected our stern holder down onto a metal bracket or some kind of sturdy piece of material down there that will give us plenty of hold power. Get that secured and tidy up our excess just like we did on the front there. As you can see, our bow ,and even our stern line, it's making contact in a couple points here on our vehicle. Once you get going down the highway and those are moving, you may want want to have something behind that to act as a paint protectant. I don't want to tell that they won't scratch your paint and won't tell they will, because I don't know but it would probably be a good idea to have something behind there to prevent that from happening. Now that we've got our kayak all loaded up, we're going to take you out on our test course to let you see exactly what it looks like in action. We'll start by going through the slalom. It's going to show you the side-to-side movement, just like if we we're changing lanes or maybe doing some evasive maneuvers. Once we get around the corner, we'll go into a series of alternating speed bumps. It's going to show us the twisting and torquing action on the rack, just like a pothole or a curve may cause. Then we'll get into the solid speed bumps. This is going to show us the up and down bouncing movement, just like if we're going in and out of a parking garage, parking lot or a driveway. That'll complete today's look at the Swagman Coronado, rooftop saddle-style kayak carrier, Part Number S65149. .