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Swagman G10 2-Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the Swagman G10 2-Bike Platform Rack

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin 00:00:01 here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at this bike rack from the Swagman. This is their G10 Two-Bike Platform Rack. This platform style rack allows you to get two bikes loaded so you can carry them to and from your destination or to the trails. What's really cool about it is it comes with all of the basic features that you want in a bike rack. We'll start by showing you the tilt away feature, which is nice because now we can gain access to our trunk.

What we're going to do is come and pull this lever right here, now we can tilt it away from the vehicle. Then we can come up here and gain access to our rear hatch. And what's nice is that it tilts away more so than a lot of other platform racks out there. It gives you more of an angle to get those longer hatch doors open. I got plenty of space to grab whatever cargo, luggage, anything I might need, maybe even cargo for my bike trip.And then when tilting it back up, we're just going to grab a hold of this center mast.

We don't want to grab a hold of any of the bikes attached. We're just going to push it up until it locks into place. It's also going to have all the locks you need to be able to secure your bikes to the racks. You can see with our two frame hooks right here, these are both going to have locks on them. Once you get those locked, you're not going to be able to push in on the button to unlock them.

When you're ready to unload your bikes, all you got to do is take your included key, insert it, unlock it, and now right here we can push in and lift up on our hook. When securing it, all you got to do is push down. As soon as it makes contact with your bike just give it a nice little push. Doesn't have to be over tightened at all, just pretty snug. And then we'll just lock it back up.And it's also going to come with a cable lock so you got those two different ways to secure your bikes.

You can use one or the other, or personally I would just use both on the off chance that maybe you forget your cable lock one day or maybe for some reason the locks aren't working properly on your hooks. Then you have that backup to make sure you can secure your bikes and deter them from theft.You can see how our cable lock is run up and around each frame of our bikes and then what we did was we took the cable and ran it back through itself on the loop. Once we came through the loop, it actually just comes down and uses the anti-rattle hitch pin. You just put that on the pin and then put that lock on, getting a two for one use out of that hitch pin lock. With that anti-rattle hitch pin it is secured and even with two bikes loaded, it takes away all the shake and play from our bike rack even when we travel at high speeds. It's going to be very useful for keeping that noise to a minimum. And of course we have the lock on the other side. Another great theft deterrent. We're going to have a sleeve that's on the inside of our shank that is going to be able to be removed if you have another vehicle in your household, which has an inch and a quarter receiver, so you can use it with multiple different size hitches if you have those vehicles.Now the main thing that's going to be holding our bikes in place are these padded frame hooks. They're putting downward force on top of our bikes, on our top tubes. Force them down into their wheel trays. That nice soft padding's not going to harm or scratch the finish of your bikes. If you've got a carbon fiber bike, you are really nervous about the frame getting damaged, you shouldn't have to worry about it with these hooks. And of course we talked about the locks on them to secure your bikes when they're loaded.We're going to have two other points of contact per bike. We have a strap on each wheel. What's really nice is that while these straps are securing your tire into the wheel tray, it's also going to have that rubber spacer right there. So for your smaller road bike tires, you can see how they sit deep in our cradle. If we move that spacer you can see that it doesn't come close to touching the wheel of our bike. With our road bike right here, we'll just put that spacer up there and it's going to give us some surface area for the strap to sit on and secure our wheel.Now one thing you want to keep in mind when deciding if this bike rack is going to suit your needs is that it does have a weight capacity of 45 pounds per bike. That's going to be more than enough to get your standard mountain bikes and all of your road bikes loaded up and secured. However, if you have an E-bike that maybe weighs upwards of 60 to 65 pounds, you may want to consider getting a different bike rack that can handle that weight. One of them made by Swagman is called the Swagman Current Two-Bike Rack. That's going to have a 60 pound capacity per bike. And that's available here at etrailer if you're interested.Now we're going to go ahead and remove our outside bike so we can have a closer look at the rack. First thing we need to do though is come down and remove our cable lock. What we need to do is just take our lock off of our hitch pin then we'll just pull the cable lock off, set it aside. And then we'll re insert our lock just in case we want to use it again. Now we just pull the cable through and unwrap the frames of our bikes. Then just make sure you store your cable in a place where it's easily accessible. Then we'll just remove our straps, pushing on that black tab, feed the strap up and out. We'll do that for both sides. Now with our frame hook, we'll just take our key and unlock it and then all we got to do is make sure we have a hold of our bike. We'll push in on that button, bring it up. Now we can unload our bike.Now these cradles are going to have a steel construction which is something you don't really see too often with these platform style racks. Usually they're just a durable plastic and it's also going to have a black powder coat finish so it gives it a nice look and it's going to help it resist rust and corrosion. Overall, it's going to be very durable. We can adjust it back and forth. This is so it will be able to accommodate a wheel base of up to 48 inches. We'll just tighten it back down when we have it in the spot we want. What's also nice is that it's going to accommodate our different size tires. We're going to be able to get tire sizes up to 3.4 inches and we even have a slot down here, you can see where our road bike was sitting, gives it a nice secure fit. Then it has a slot out here for our bigger mountain bike tires.Now if you have a bigger tire bike that you want to carry, like a fat tire bike, there is a fat tire adapter kit for this bike rack, which is sold separately here at etrailer. As long as it's under that 45 pound weight limit, you're going to be able to carry fat tire bikes up to five inches wide.Now the rest of the bike rack, with the exception of some of the black plastic trimming you can see is going to have a solid steel construction as well. It's going to make it very durable and it's got a nice gray powder coat finish, which again adds to the looks of it and it's going to help it resist rust and corrosion.When you're unloading your inside bike, sometimes depending on how close is this to your vehicle, could be a little bit of a hassle, which is the case with all of the platform racks that have the center mast. One way around it, so you don't have to try to maneuver your bike without hitting the back of your vehicle, I'll show you real quick. What we're going to do is we're going to take the hooks off. They come off very easy. We're just going to hang them on our bike rack for now. Holding onto our bike, we'll do the same for this hook. Now all we're going to do is pull the latch down here and now we can fold that center mast all the way down. That's just going to save us a lot of time and hassle of trying to maneuver around that center mast. Leaves us wide open to get our bike off.When you're done you can either store these frame hooks inside your vehicle, or personally I just like to put them back on my bike rack. Make sure you put the longer hook first. Just going to go on very easy, we'll do the other one as well. When you have no bikes loaded, it's always a good idea just to keep that center mast down because then we still have access to our trunk with no bikes loaded. We don't have to worry about tilting it away.One thing you always want to keep in mind when you use a hitch mounted accessory is that you are going to have added length to your vehicle. Now we're going to measure from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost point of our bike rack. That's going to be 29.5 inches added on from the center of our hitch pin hole. Now you can actually cut down on that distance by folding the bike rack up towards the vehicle. We're going to come to the same handle we used to tilt it away. Pull that, and then fold it up until it locks into place. Now if we go from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost point, we're down to 18.5 inches, so we took away 11.5 inches from that bike rack, which doesn't sound like too much. But honestly, depending on the vehicle you have, that could mean the difference of not having to unload your bike rack to shut your garage door.Now as you can see, our bike rack is sitting very close to our vehicle we're currently using. That's not going to be the case with every vehicle. We just so happen to be using one where the hitch sits pretty far under. I'm going to give you a measurement to help you decide if the bike rack folded up will fit your application. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of our rack is going to be five inches, so you want to make sure you have that much space when when deciding if this bike rack will fit your vehicle.Let's go ahead and take a look at it on our test course. Up first is going to be our slalom, which is going to simulate side to side action like evasive maneuvering or taking a sharp turn. And now our alternating speed bumps, which is going to simulate driving over uneven pavement like potholes. Now we're onto the solid speed bumps, which is going to simulate the up and down action like going over a speed bump or pulling into your driveway.Now the G10 is a really nice bike rack. I like how simple it is, yet it still has all the features I want in a bike rack such as the cable locks. It even has locks on the hooks, so it's got those two different ways to secure your bikes. It still has the tilt away feature, so I can access my trunk. And it can fold up to my vehicle when I need to conserve on space. On top of that, with all of those basic features, it's still a very cost effective platform rack. So it's going to serve your needs very well. One thing I think it could work on a little bit if I had to choose something, is that the latch to tilt it away is at the front, so when you have two bikes loaded, you do have to reach in to grab it as you can see what I'm doing right now. However, it's not a huge hassle, and even if you're not carrying two bikes all the time, then it's really not going to be an issue.

Dave B.


Excellent review!

Norman W.


I've had my swagman g10 for 2 years now. I have a very light bike (30lbs) and an ebike (60lbs). The rack seems to have bent backwards. IS this expected? Can I adjust anything to make it more upright? thanks Norm

Les D.


@NormanW This bike rack is rated for two bikes weighing 45 pounds each. Technically you have exceeded the maximum load, but if I were you I would still call them to see if there is something that they can do for you regarding the limited lifetime warranty. If nothing else they have many of the individual replacement parts. Additionally, even though we no longer carry this model, we do have a few replacement parts. We will just need you to identify the bent/broke parts. In the future, always load the heavier of two bikes closest to the back bumper, and remove the heavy battery. I hope this information is helpful.

Norman W.


@LesD the part is the G10 main assembley .... I always had the ebike on the rack closet to the car and I removed the battery so the total weight was around 80 pounds.

Les D.


@NormanW I would not attempt to bend this rack to some previous shape unless directed to do so by swagman themselves. This would likely weaken the rack further. The part you mentioned is available on our site. have placed a link below.
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