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Swagman Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2019 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the Swagman Hitch Bike Racks on a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Adam: Hi, everyone, Adam, with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Swagman Current Bike Rack on our 2019 Toyota Highlander.This Current is going to be made for some of your e-bikes. We're going to be able to hold about 60 pounds per bike. We do have massive wheel wells here, about five inches of tire width that we can hold up to. So if you even have one of those fat tire bikes as well, they're going to be able to fit on here too.And the nice thing about this bike rack is we can actually tilt it with our bikes installed, which is awesome. There's a little lever right here, and all we really need to do is just kind of pull up on that and that's going to access our tilting feature to allow access to our back hatch.

We already checked too, and on a Highlander, we don't have any contacts, so you can use your back hatch almost exactly how you would if we didn't have this bike rack installed.Especially with these e-bikes, I don't like to really take them off unless I'm really riding. So if we're going on a trip, we stop at a gas station or something like that, we don't have to remove it and just let it lay there and sit there while we're grabbing whatever we need. We don't need to worry about that, it can just stay put, giving you peace of mind.So another thing too, to give you peace of mind is we will have a bike cable that we will be able to use as we just tilt that up and it snaps into place. But we can actually take a bike cable. I'm going to grab it real quick.

And all it's really going to do is it's going to go around your bike's, loop through itself, and then we're going to put this little section on our anti-rattle bolt. So we can just use that same key to get that locking cylinder off of that for this. So we have that, that comes with the kit, which in my opinion is a plus, just because we don't have to go back out and buy more products after we just got done buying this. So it all comes together with it.Another thing as well, one of the ways that our bikes get secured to our rack, this little key right here, it's going to be key to lock with our cylinder down there, that we'll use for our bike cable and our hitch lock as well. So that's always a plus.

It's always nice just knowing that you have the options to have stuff locked into place, just because at the end of the day, something could happen, they could run off and we don't want that to happen.So with this one, too, if you just have an e-bike or if you don't, maybe a smaller kid's bike, we will be able to adjust these cradles. Yes, they hold large tires, but even the smaller tires too, you can see a little dividend here. But then also if we just loosen this, lefty-loosey, we can go back and forth just to find the exact right fitment for whatever bike that we have. And of course, we always have the option to maybe shift one this way and the other bike this way if we have some little bit of conflicting space up here with our handlebars, something like that.There's definitely thinks of everything, but let's go ahead and actually just take the bike off the rack. And I'm going to start with our wheel cradles down here.

They don't really hold it into place, just to kind of help with that broken movement. But one thing to note, it does have a little bumper here. So if you do have nicer rims like we do on our e-bike, it's going to give you a nice cushion, giving you a really good solid contact there. And we just won't scratch up those rims. It's going to be the same on the back, nothing really to show there.And then up top here, there's a couple of different ways we could do this. So what I like to do, just because we can obviously put a hand on your bike, but we can just slide these up just by pressing that little handle I was showing you earlier with the locking cylinder on it. But you can take it completely off and just kind of hang it to the side and then you can access the other one. The longer one's going to go in bottom for your back one. So what I do is just take those off like that. And then I could actually collapse the center mask. There's another little lever on this end, so I can actually just take that, put it all the way down like that. Because this e-bike is kind of heavy, so to get right up to it and just be able to completely lift it off and directly back is ideal in my opinion. So you can do that.All right. But whenever we're done, we do want to put these back on. You don't have to really, you can actually just go ahead and keep them in your car and lock them in there if you want. But again, this is the short one, the short one goes on last, long ones go first. So put these back on there real easy, like that, like this, done deal. So now we can actually just store it like that, kind of push this in a little bit.And then we can go ahead and go over some measurements for you in this orientation, from our bumper of the Highlander, all the way to the outermost point, which is probably going to be our wheel cradle. It's going to be about 30 inches. Well, we can cut that down a little bit, if you guys have a little bit smaller of a garage or something like that, or if you're just parking in a parking garage, you just don't want it sticking out a whole lot to get hit.So we're going to use that same exact lever for the tilting feature where we're going to be able to lock it into place a little bit closer to get us a little bit less length. It's going to be about 18 and a half inches, which is quite a big difference. So it's definitely going to hopefully help you guys get it into your garage or just get a little bit less hang on the back of your hitch.So let's look down at our shank. It is a relatively straight shank. It's going to be on the very outermost point here about 16 inches, but right here going to be about 13 and three quarter inches. I don't really think we'll have a whole lot of issues bottoming out. But if you guys are going off road with your Highlander, you might, but just be mindful of that. If you have an aggressive driveway too, it might also maybe bottom out as well.So let's go ahead and take a look down at our shank. We do have two different sized hitches that we can put it with. And I'll actually just kind of bring this back so you guys can see. A little bit better. So right here is inch and a quarter hitch, but the sleeve inside of our hitch here is actually making it compatible with any two inch hitch receiver. So we can remove this or leave it on to have both the two inch and the inch and a quarter hitch option. It's always nice having options for different hitch sizes.Also, this is the locking cylinder right here. It's going to be keyed alike with our frame hooks and also our bike cable. And that's where our bike cable is actually going to slide down right over here. So that does come with it, which is a plus. And an anti-rattle bolt, which pretty much takes out all that shake and play, especially with those heavier e-bikes making sure that our shanks going to say even with our pitch receiver. It's just always going to be better, a lot less rattling around and a lot less wear on your guys's equipment.So other than that, have you guys got an e-bike or even just a fat tire bike or just normal bikes This one will do all of it, but if you like some of the features we went over today, definitely go ahead and go grab one if you think. But other than that, it's pretty much all we really need to know about this Swagman Current on our 2019 Toyota Highlander.Here on our test course, we'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side action. This simulates turning corners or evasively maneuvering.Once we get to the alternating speed bumps, we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement.Once we get to the full speed bumps, we'll see the up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, parking garage or driveway..

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