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Swagman Trailer Hitch Bike Racks Horizontal Style 2 Bike Bag Review

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Review of the Swagman Trailer Hitch Bike Racks Horizontal Style 2 Bike Bag

Hey everyone, I'm Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at the Horizontal RV 2 Bike Bag from Swagman. Now this bag is going to be able to cover up two of your bikes on either your platform or hanging-style hitch-mounted bike racks, to be able to protect your bikes during the long duration of a road trip. This bag is intended for use on larger vehicles such as RVs. Anything smaller than that, it could catch a lot of wind resistance and that could affect your steering and handling. Whereas on our RV is wide and tall enough to be able to prevent a lot of the wind from catching our bag.

It's going to have five different cinching buckle straps and that's going to help keep our bag secure and prevent a lot of billowing during our trip.The bag has a polyurethane coated nylon construction, so it's going to be very tough and durable. It's going to do a great job of protecting our bikes from any type of dirt or road grime or even water and UV rays. Both the back and the front are going to have these large, flat openings with hook and loop strips to make sure they stay secure.Now on the back, it's going to be useful for when you have a hanging-style rack. You would just slide this over the arms to make sure that it's going to cover up the entire rack and your two bikes. Whereas in the front, it's going to be useful to open up if you have to make any adjustments to your bikes or your rack without unloading it, you have plenty of space to do that as well.

We have a very large zippered opening, it's going to make it very easy to load and unload our bikes.From here, the bag drops down to the ground, it's going to allow you to load and unload your bikes without it being in the way. Now if a particularly windy day occurs, you're not going to have to worry about the bag blowing away because it is connected to the shank of our bike rack. So it's going to stay put while we're messing with our bikes.Now you can see this square opening that our shank goes through, so that's something you want to keep in mind that you will have to have this installed on the shank of your bike rack before you put it in your hitch. Once you have that done, you can start to load your bikes and then you just pull the cover up and over top of them. I'd recommend starting at the back, just getting it draped over the top of the handlebars or the seat just so it holds itself.

We'll go to the other side and do the same thing. From there, just come back to the front, bring it up over top. Now we can just zip it up. Now you want to make sure you go around and get all of your cinching straps secured and tightened down.Once everything's secure, you're ready to hit the road.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do for our look at the Swagman Horizontal 2 Bike Bag for RVs..

Questions and Comments about this Video

Jacques G.

Hi !What about license plate hidden behind the bikebag

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

Yes, it is illegal to obstruct your license plate, but it is rare to hear of someone pulled over for this. However, if you are concerned you could find a way to mount the Optronics # LPL56CB to either the bottom of the bike frame or on the bag.


Great video! The written directions were poor. Perfect fit for two e bikes with a thule bike rack. Thank you!


Great video and very helpful since the instructions that come with the bag do not explain how to use it with a platform style rack. Thanks for the assist!


I love this bike bag, but its just 4 inches depth too small for my bikes & rack.. I wish it came in this size L plus XL option. My Yakima DR Tray 2-bike rack doesnt work with this bag. Any plans for a slightly larger option?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

Thanks for your feedback. I have spoken with my contacts at Swagman and they are in the process of creating a larger bag, since they have had lots of customer feedback indicate that the bag was great just a little too small. My contact indicated that is would likely not be available for this season, but he does expect it to be ready to go for next season. Please keep checking back to see when it is available.