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Swagman Pick Up Truck Bed Bike Racks Review - 2019 Toyota Tacoma

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Review of the Swagman Pick Up Truck Bed Bike Racks on a 2019 Toyota Tacoma

Hi everyone. Adam with today we're going to be taking a look at the Swagman truck bed fork mounted bike rack system on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma. So what we're going to do today is just install this, show you guys how, see how it interacts with our bikes here, and of course give some features of our bike rack here and also just show you how it interacts with the vehicle.So let's just go ahead and start just by saying it comes preassembled. You really don't have to do anything besides just mount your fork mounts. So let's just go ahead and I'll show you guys how quick and easy it is just to put it up into the bed of our truck. So the first thing we want to do, we're going to have a little button right here.

We're going to press that and it's going to activate our pivot arm right there.And then what we want to make sure that the Swagman is going to be readable from this angle. So as you can see here, and we're on our right side, so our passenger side, we're going to have this little lever and that is going to activate the telescopic features of this rack. So we're going to try to pick one notch. It's going to be ideal for this bed. Just lay those feet in place, a little far here.

I'm just going to adjust it a little bit. Once I get it down I want to try to pull this out until I hear a click making sure it's nice and tight and of course we do want to make sure and try to line it up so it's nice and straight. And once we get all that done, all we got to do to finish this up, just push that down like so.We're going to have a little bit of play like this, but that is what this is for. This is going to be our locking mechanism here. So as we push it down, we're going to be able to push that tab in and it's going to have a little bit less play.

And we actually are going to get two keys with our kit. So if we wanted to take it out, all you got to do is just twist it left, it pops out, then we're pretty much ready to go.But so that was easy. Let's see how easy it is to mount our bikes up here. I already loosened it up a little bit and I did go ahead and take my wheels off already. And it's just as simple as just sliding that in there.

Twisting the right side down, getting this knob at a good spot and then folding that knob inward.Once we get it done, give it a good shake, make sure it's nice and secured down. And you can go ahead and do your second one. So this one does come with the capabilities of holding two different bikes, but we actually do sell a third one of these separately on our website. So if you decide you wanted three, because there's plenty of room in this bed for it, you can do that. It's going to be the same exact process for both of them. Give it a good shake and we're good. So our front ends of our bikes are going to be extremely tight and secured down, but of course we're still going to have some vertical movement back here so it might not be a bad idea getting some straps of some sort just to kind of hold this back end into place. But the nice thing about this, the way I put that mount farther up towards our cab, we can still close our tailgate.So what this is going to be really good for is just maximizing your bed without adding any length to the back of your pickup. The fact that it's just super, super easy to install and we have an adjustment from 52 inches all the way to 69 inches. To give you guys a frame of reference here, Tacoma is not the biggest truck that I've seen. Of course it's a mid size, but it's only about 56 inches spread out now. So if you have a bigger truck and you have two, it's easily going to be able to fit in both of them. Even if you have a friend who's got a bigger truck than you or even a smaller truck, it can fit that as well. So that's definitely a plus. You don't have to buy it for one specific truck. It's just a universal fit for anything from 52 to 69 inches.Also, just the fact that we get two bikes to and from, but we have the option to purchase an extra fork mount, this is going to be a nine millimeter fork mount, so just the fact that we can put three on here if we want and we'll still be able to use our bed for whatever we want. We can actually just tilt our bikes out like so and we'll still have plenty of room for all of our gear and I mean it's just not big or bulky really. If you even had a longer bed on your pickup and you had a toolbox of sorts, this thing will compress down quite a lot, and you might even be able to fit in there as well. A lot of different options for it and it's made of steel, it looks nice, it kind of matches the truck. I just think it's an overall good deal just because sometimes you don't want to put stuff in your hitch to get your bikes to and from the destination.So this rack does think of your bike too. Of course the fork mount here is pretty much the same exact mechanism that holds my tire in place, so we're not having to buy additional adapters or anything like that. Just goes right through and it's not going to do any more damage than what my bike wheel would even do. And then when it comes to this vehicle specifically, we have rubber boots here so we don't really have to worry about it scratching the plastic on our rails. All you really need is just to make sure that you have open rail surface here. If you have a tonneau cover that kind of leans in, we might not be able to use it, but just be mindful of that.We do have a lock here which comes with keys, so that gives you peace of mind and keeps your Swagman bike rack in the bed of your truck. But also they give us another option. There's a little hole over here by the telescope arm and you can put a little padlock there. Sold separately, but you want some added protection, go for it.So if you guys got a pickup truck and you've got some bikes that you plan on taking to and from the trails or something like that with friends, I personally would buy this. Super easy, super simple, it's going to maximize your bed and you can bring more friends with you because you don't have to put your bikes in your cab or anything like that. All in all. I would definitely recommend this product just because it's awesome and just the fact that I could still close my tailgate and I don't have added length to the back of my vehicle. Makes it a 100% yes for me. Again, this was the Swagman truck bed mounted fork mounted bike rack on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma. Here it is on our test course. First is the slalom area, which simulates side to side action, like turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Next are the alternating speed bumps, which show you the twisting action, like hitting a pothole, road debris, or hitting a curb. Finally, we are at the solid speed bumps, which show the up and down action to simulate a parking garage or coming out of the driveway.

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