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Swagman Semi 2-Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the Swagman Semi 2-Bike Platform Rack

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Swagman Semi 2.0 2-Bike Platform Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches, part number S64686. I went ahead and brought Matt down here. He's the writer of this product, and he's also looked at some of the customers' questions and comments. So, Matt, what are the customers saying about this bike rack Matt: Well first and foremost, the customers are saying that they've had it for a year or more and that it's holding up really well. Speaker 1: Good. Matt: A number have customers have mentioned that the thin cable, although it is thin, they do like the fact that they can lock the bikes to the rack, and they love the fact that it just goes right inside the arm so they don't have to carry a separate bike lock that goes inside the car.

Okay. Matt: A lot of the customers are mentioning that they like the hook over the tire as opposed to locking on the frame. The customers with carbon fiber bike frames, they don't have to worry about them scratching the real nice frames, so it's just anchored here by the tire.Now, we have had a customer mention that he felt that the way the bike rack was set up, that the tire would end up blocking the taillight. Speaker 1: You know, and I saw that comment, too, and I was looking at it from this perspective here, where, you know, you're going right behind it. And I think that's gonna be kind of a car to car basis on how far the actual bike rack sits on your car depending on what style hitch you get, as well.

Matt: Sure. I don't think that's a major worry. Speaker 1: Okay. Well, thank you very much. Matt: YOu're welcome.

The Swagman Semi 2.0 is great for carrying a wide variety of bikes on the rear of your vehicle and it can carry up to two bikes. Right now we have a mountain bike, as well as a road bike installed, but this can also work with alternate frame bikes and some kids' bikes as well.Like with many platform style racks, this does have a tilting feature where you can tilt the bike rack away from the vehicle with both bikes attached to gain rear hatch access. There's a latch at the front. While holding onto the bike rack, lift it up, let the bikes come forward, and now we have full hatch access to get whatever we need and we have plenty of space on either side to do so.How the bikes are held into place will have two points of contact. We'll have a wheel hook up at the front here and a wheel strap at the rear.

With our wheel hook up at the front, that's how this is able to carry those wide variety of bikes that we talked about earlier. Because with some bike racks that have this hook that go around the frame itself, you may have to purchase after-market items such as bike adapter bars, which would be kind of a pain in the long run.Also, at the ends here we do have these integrated cable locks, which serve as a theft deterrent. And they do come with locks that are separate from the hitch lock, but we'll get to that later.Then with our rear wheel strap here, very easy to come off. It does come with a rim guard on it to help protect that, and it is adjustable back and forth to accommodate bikes of different sizes. I would also like to point out, with the wheel trays, you can't have tire sizes any wider than three inches.Also, you're gonna notice it does have a raised shank to it, so you're not gonna have an issue of clearance between the bike rack and the ground as you would with some other vehicles. Once all the bikes are removed, it also folds up against the vehicle for those close quarters situations such as parking or putting it in your garage.We also have a hitch lock up at the front here, and this is not gonna be key to like with your integrated cable lock. It comes with a dust cover to keep all the road, dirt, and grime out of the lock while you travel. And if you we're to lose this, it does come with an additional anti-rattle bolt and clip to attach this to your vehicle as well.Finally, it does have this collar around it, which once removed you can actually use this with 1-1/4" accessories as well, so this can be used with multiple vehicles.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. You simply put it into the hitch and line up the pin holes, and then we'll install out anti-rattle bolt. You have two of these pins, just makes sure you use the longer of the two. We'll put it in, and then we'll tighten it down with our ratchet and 3/4" socket. We'll take the other end of our lock, push that into place. Close the cover. Next we'll fold our bike rack flat by coming to the front to this latch, lifting up, and folding it out. Next we'll fold out our wheel hooks all the way, and then we'll undo our wheel straps here. We'll push the top portion of the tab in and fold out.Next we'll load up our first bike, putting it in place and bringing up our hook. Then we'll make any adjustments for our rear straps, place them through and between the spokes and tighten those down as well, making sure our wheel guard is in place. And then we'll repeat this for our front bike.Our final step is to install our integrated cable lock. We'll first unfold our locking point, then pull out our cable. Then we'll wrap it through our frame, connect it back to that locking point, and now it's secure and we'll repeat this on the other side as well.Here it is on our test course. We'll start be going through the slalom, and this is gonna show us the side to side action, which simulated turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Next we're at the alternating speed bumps, which we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement. And finally, we have the full speed bumps where we'll see the up and down action, which is just like driving out of a parking lot, garage, or driveway.And there you have it for the Swagman Semi 2.0 2-Bike Platform Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches.

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