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Swagman Truck Bed Bike Racks Review - 2020 Ford Ranger

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Review of the Swagman Truck Bed Bike Racks on a 2020 Ford Ranger

Colin: Hey, everyone is Colin here at etrailer and today we have a 2020 Ford Ranger. Now, we're going to go ahead and do a test fit of the Swagman Tail Whip Truck Bed Tailgate Mat. Now, this mat goes around your tailgate and it's actually a bike rack, so you can get four bikes loaded up on here so you can haul them to and from your destination. It's going to help conserve on space for your hitch if you have one or even conserve on space trying to squeeze it inside your vehicle or something like that. Now, we have two of the straps installed already. We're going to go ahead and install the third one for you guys just to show you how easy it is.

When you're installing it, it's easiest to go ahead and try to open up the tailgate a little bit like that. I'm going to reach my arm around and I'm going to feed the strap up and through, try to grab it with my other hand. If you're on the shorter side and you need an extra set of hands, don't hesitate to ask.We'll pull that strap through. Now, from here, we can go ahead and close the tailgate. And then there's a buckle on the other side right here.

We're just going to feed that up and through. And then you just want to make sure you get the other straps fed through before you close that tailgate. Once we get it through there, go ahead and cinch it down as tight as you can. You see right there, everything's very secure. Doesn't hurt to go ahead and check your other straps to make sure it's good to go for the road.

And just like that it's installed, you're ready to load up your bikes. Now, before I load up a bike, I want to show you guys a pretty cool feature about this flap right here. This flap, obviously as you can see, it's got some nice hook and loop fasteners right here so it'll stay shut while you have your bike installed. But if you don't have any bikes installed and you want to leave this on your tailgate but you want to open up your tailgate, you can just flip this up and open, have access to your tailgate handle right here.And this is kind of something that's cool I've seen on this tailgate mat that I haven't seen on others, is that it has a nice buckle right here. So we can actually just leave this open by securing the buckle on the other side.

Just grab it down here and put that buckle in just like that. It'll stay right there so that it doesn't kind of fly over while we're driving or anything like that. Now, we can go ahead and put it back so we can load a bike up. You can see on the underneath side of this mat it's very soft. This is what's going to be making contact with your tailgate so you're not going to have to worry about this scratching your tailgate at all. You can see we've got a nice blue color on our Ranger, definitely don't want to get scratches on it. And this is going to be kind of the fabric on the complete underside of the tailgate pad to help protect your truck.Let's go ahead and secure this and we'll grab a bike and get it installed. Now, what you want to do when loading up a bike is get the back end into your truck bed. Kind of set it down. Now, your front tire right here needs to turn one way. We'll set it in place and then all we need to do is take this hook and loop strap right here and we're going to wrap it around our down tube on the bottom side. And you open it up first. There we go. We'll set the down tube on top right there and just wrap it around. There we go. Just like that our bike is secured. Like I said, you can get up to four bikes loaded in here so that you can take you and your buddies or you and your family out to the trails to get a nice bike ride in. Now, one thing I really like about this tailgate mat is that it's about an inch thick right here so it's going to protect your tailgate from any impacts of your bike.You can see the wheel will move around a little bit, but that's nothing to worry about with that tailgate back covering it up. Now, if we come over here, you can see the other hook and loop straps that we have and all these other loops that we have. This is to help with bike spacing. So if you have a kid's bike or something that's not going to take up a ton of space, you can take these hook and loop straps and move them to the desired loops in case you want to conserve on space. Maybe you want to put all four bikes all the way towards the driver's side and get something else loaded up in here. You do have that option. And this tailgate mat, even though it says it's specifically for bike racks, you could also use it for kayaks or paddle boards or something like that. If you want to have it hanging out the top side, that'll also help protect your tailgate so it doesn't harm or scratch it or anything.But one thing with that, you are going to have to get some additional straps to be able to secure those bigger items, as you can see these hook and loop straps aren't nearly long enough. Well, everyone, that's basically going to do it for our test fit of the Swagman Tail Whip Truck Bed Bike Rack on our 2020 Ford Ranger.

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