Taylor Made BoatGuard Fish and Ski Boat Cover Review

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Review of the Taylor Made BoatGuard Fish and Ski Boat Cover

What's up everybody, it's AJ with etrailer.com. Today we're gonna be checking out this Taylor Made boat cover. Now, this isn't one of those custom ones. This, kind of, can fit on a variety of different style boats anywhere from 16 feet long to 19 feet long. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna put it on your boat to help protect it when you're not using it, that way, it doesn't get ruined on the inside and the sun doesn't get to the interior. And if it rains, it just doesn't fill up your boat with water.

Let's check it out. Make sure you measure your boat to make sure you get the right cover that's going to fit it. So I've already given you the measurements for the front and back. Make sure you get the width too. So that's going to be side to side, and it's going to fit boats up to 96 inches wide.

With the cover installed, it fits the boat pretty well. It's not a custom one, or it was made for this boat, but you can fix it and get it a little tighter to your boat. There's a few things that it has going forward that can help you out with that. You got the string or the cords up front that you pull tight and that brings some tightness in along this elastic band here at the bottom. That's going to tighten it up towards the bottom of the boat here, and then there's also straps that are gonna run on both sides of the boat that you can also tighten up by pulling down on two.

So that gets a lot of that excess cover tightened over the boat. You can see it's kind of windy today and it's moving a little bit, but not very much. That's because of those straps and those cords on the front and the back working together to keep this on there nice and tight. The cover itself is going to be made out of acrylic coated polyester and it's going to help protect against mildew and UV rays. You also have the reinforced seams here.

You can see there's double stitching on there and these are the points of the cover that are actually going to pull against the most. So you see this, the boat's going to come to the point here, a lot of pressure on that area. So it's good to see that it's reinforced. Along with the reinforcement up front, all the places of the straps have that double reinforced seam here too. So again, this is where it's going to really pull down and pull tight on this cover, and you want that extra here to make sure it doesn't split or rip. Now because this isn't specifically made for your boat, there's a few steps in the setup when you go to throw the cover on there to make it fit better for your boat. Like I said, that's the straps on the front, the straps underneath. You're going to have a little bit of setup, just follow along with me and see how we threw the cover on. First thing we're going to do is remove the cover from the storage bag. It's nice that it actually has a storage bag, so when you're not using it you can pull it up here and put it back in here, keep it nice and neat. You also have, let me take the cover out here real quick. Also in the bag is the strap. We can use this and cut it to length as you need it. We're not going to need it today, because we actually are replacing an old cover. So we have the existing straps and we're going to try and use, if that doesn't work, then we will have to use this as well. But as I said, it all comes in this bag and stays all together when you need it. So I'm just gonna put that back in there. I'll set this aside and I'll start unfolding the cover. To figure out where the front is, they said there's a tag, to let you know what side is the front. After unfolding it, we found the tag we're looking for. It says bow slash front. This is going to let you know that this goes to the front of your boat, and also this is going to be the underside of the cover, so this is the part you're gonna put down onto the boat. This is going to be the part that's up, guarding it from the sun. This part is going to help to have a second set of hands, so Zach's gonna jump in here and help me put this cover on. We're just going to throw it on the boat first and then kind of spread it out from there. Remember, keep the front where the tag is, right up here, so that part doesn't get lost. We're gonna get most of the cover up on the boat. Here's that front tag I was talking about, just gonna kind of put it right there. And then now we'll go along the sides and spread the cover out a little better. Now that we've got the cover situated on the boat kind of where we want it, I'm gonna come up here on the front, pull these cords, and that's gonna tighten it up around the edge so it'll cling to the boat a little bit better. So to show you where I'm talking about, just pull out on here, and you can see the sides going in and it's taking out that slack and it's getting tighter on the boat. Now at the back side, there's two cords we can pull on here. You see the cutout for the engine is going to go around there and then we'll just pull this tight. It's going to tighten up the back side of the boat just like we did on the front side. I'm just going to draw that in and make it way tighter on the side of the boat. Once you've got it nice and tight to your boat, we're gonna come back and we're going to cut the excess off. So what I did was I tied two knots up here to tie up our access, that way it's not going to go back in there, and I can get rid of this because you have to set this for the boat you're going to use it for. Once you figure out as much cord as you need in there, that's all you need. So I'm gonna come down here, cut off the extra, and we're gonna do that at the front and the back. After we've tightened up the front and the back of the cover, we'll go along the sides and we attach the straps. Now this is, we're going to do this one last so I can show you. And we're gonna use the existing straps that had the old cover that ripped. So we're going to remove the buckle on this end. If you don't have old straps and this is a new cover for you, then you can cut them to length. Remember I showed you that earlier I just gotta get it out of the buckle. Just like that. Slide out one more time. All right, I'll set the buckle aside now. I'm just going to run it up through the new buckle. At the new buckle, we're going to run it up through the center and over the top. And you want to put the strap over these ridges right here. Once you've done that, then you can pull it tight. We're gonna do the same thing on the other side. Overall, I think it fits on the boat pretty nicely. I was a little skeptical when we we're first starting on there, just because I've dealt with custom covers that are like right there on the boat. This one was a little baggy, but as we pulled on the straps in the front and the back, it tightened up, and then especially adding those straps underneath and pulling here, it's actually on there pretty snug and I'm pretty impressed with it. It comes with pretty much everything you need. The only thing I would recommend getting is some prop rods or vents to add to your cover, just so that the thing can breathe and none of the moisture stays in there, it can get out. And the prop rods help out and make sure that the water, if it was to rain, doesn't pool up in places and add extra stress on your cover. But that being said, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helps..

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