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Taylor Made Cooler Tote Bag

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Review of the Taylor Made Cooler Tote Bag

Hey everybody, it's Clayton from etrailer. As you can see, we are in a totally different environment and that's cause we're actually gonna camping. We're gonna play some yard games, do some kayaking and fishing. Just really we're gonna test out some of our products to see how they do in the wild. Now as you can see, we do have a wide variety of different things that we sell here at etrailer. And this is gonna allow us to test all in the proper setting.

Today we are gonna be checking out the tailor made tote cooler. Now this is gonna be really good for you guys that are going back and forth, maybe between the boat, the dock or just going back and forth to the beach. This is gonna be a great way to carry, you know, snacks and drinks, really anything you wanna take with you, you're gonna be able to throw in here. This has that same sealed liner that comes in our classical cooler as well. That's one of the best features.

What that's gonna do is that's gonna keep that water from seeping through if you're using ice or an ice pack. So the bottom of this tote is gonna be nice and dry. A lot of times when we're looking at soft-sided coolers or tote bags, that's one of the things we want to look for. The last thing we want is the bottom of our bag to be soaked. Now whenever we expand this, it actually does get pretty big.

You can fit quite a bit of items in here. Our tote is gonna come with a really nice zipper here on the top. Once you get your items in there, just close it up and hit the road. Another nice thing is gonna be this pouch on the side. This is gonna be really good for your phone, maybe headphones, anything you wanna stick in here to make sure it's nice and secure.

This is gonna be made out of a durable, non-tearing material, so you're not gonna have to worry about this tearing over time once you get a lot of weight in there. These straps are really easy to hold onto. Definitely feels nice and secure. One thing that I like is this blue sonar color. It has a really cool design on it, and you're actually gonna be able to match that to a few different items by tailor made. As you can see, it's gonna match our lunchbox, our collapsible cooler, and even our collapsible table. And you can find all those options here at etrailer. Now one of the benefits to having everything matching is it's gonna be really easy to identify what's ours and what's not. All in all, this is a really high quality product. The fabric is super resistant and not gonna tear, so that's really nice, you know it's gonna last for a long time. And the zipper feels pretty smooth as well so you're not gonna have to worry about that down the road. And it just looks really nice in the process while adding that availability to be able to use a cooler and just an extra storage facility when we're out on a boat or camping like we are here, or anything like that. And that's pretty much gonna do it for our look at the tailor made cooler tote bag..

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