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Tekonsha Upgraded Modulite Vehicle Wiring Harness Kit Review

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Review of the Tekonsha Upgraded Modulite Vehicle Wiring Harness Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at Tekonsha's Universal ModuLite Vehicle Wiring Harness kit. Part number 119147KIT. This universal wiring kit is going to work on any vehicle. What's great about that is that if they don't make a custom fit for your vehicle or if you've got a custom rod that you're fixing up, and you want to put a hitch on it and have wiring, this will get the job done.Coming off of our module, you'll have four wires that can connect into your vehicle to tap into its lighting to get those signals and be output through the module on our four pole connector. The green wire is for your passenger turn signal. Your yellow wire is for your driver side turn signal.

Your brown wire is for your taillights, and if you need it, you have a separate wire for your stop lamps. Most vehicles use the turn signal wiring for their stop lamps, but there are some vehicles that have separate stop lamps from their turn signals. And if your vehicle is one of those, you do have a wire here that you can plug into. You'll tap into your stop lamps for this, and your separate turn signals would go to these wires.If you do have a vehicle that uses the stop lamps and turn signals on the same wiring, where you don't need this red wire, you simply ground the red wire. And the module then knows that your vehicle is equipped with combination top and turn lamps.

The other two wires you'll need to connect coming off your module is your ground wire. This can be connected to any ground studs located on your vehicle, or you could use a self-tapping screw that comes provided in the kit to get it grounded.Our black wire is our power wire. You'll receive some additional wire with your kit to get that power wire routed up to your battery positive. You'll also receive a fuse harness that will plug inline before you plug it to your battery positive, so that way your module will have its own fuse protected circuit. What's really nice about having a separate fuse for your module here, is if there's any faults on your trailer, it will open the fuse that you installed and not any of the fuses inside your vehicle.

So this way no faults on your trailer will cause a fault on your vehicle.The module itself has a maximum output of 2.1 amps on your stop turn circuits, and 7.5 amps on your tail lamp circuits. This is important when determining on your trailer, whatever you're hauling, depending on how many lights it has, if the module itself has the capacity to power it. That's a pretty substantial output on your taillights so you can really light that thing up like a Christmas tree.Our four pole connector here has an integrated dust cap. You'll receive 20 feet of 12 gauge wire to extend to that power circuit back to your module, and you'll get 58 inches of four pole wire coming off of your module. And at the end of your module, you'll have your four pole flat connector, with an integrated dust cap.

This is nice, because if it's going to live outside your vehicle all the time, you've got a way to keep out any dirt and debris, so you have a long lasting connection.What this harness is going to do for you is provide your trailer with all the necessary lighting, which includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps, and brake lamps, so you'll be DOT compliant in all states. And that completes our look at Tekonsha's Universal ModuLite Vehicle Wiring Harness kit. Part number 119147KIT.

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