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Thule AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack Review

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Review of the Thule AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule line of AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack Systems. Now, these are going to be a really nice solution for getting your outdoor recreational equipment where you want to go, but they're also really handy for freeing up some space inside the vehicle. You can use a rooftop box or a rooftop basket, get some of those items out, get more people inside.Now, the AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack System gives us a much more sleek style roof rack system than what we're used to as the traditional AeroBlade setups. Those are going to extend out past our foot pack. This leads to a much more factory style look without that overhang, and because we're going to be reducing the amount of bar and foot pack we have on our roof, it could help save us some money at the pump.Now, the crossbars are going to have the same great aerodynamic shape that we get out of the traditional Thule AeroBlades, making for an extremely quiet system. The removable end caps of the Edge System are going to allow us to quickly access the T-slot; you can see that right here.

You'll see the removable strip located inside. We can cut this to fit any accessories we want to put into the T-slot. You do want to be sure that you put that back in around it. That's going to help reduce any wind, kind of buffeting in that area creating noise.Now, each of our covers is going to come with a plastic cord here that you can use a flathead to unlock and lock. Now, if you want some additional security, these can be replaced with part number TH450400.

That'll give you four keyed-alike lock cores to go in there, not only to protect your roof rack system for theft, but anything you might have mounted in your T-slot.Now, the AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack System has been designed to work with the raised factory side rails. The flush mount factory side rails, fixed mounting points, and bare roofs. Now, since each kit has been designed to fit your particular application, it helps offer a quick and easy installation.They're available in silver as we have here, or if you'd like it to more closely match your vehicle's trim, in black. Now, internally we have an aluminum reinforced construction, so any kind of flex or give isn't going to be an issue, and whether you choose the silver or the black, they're going to have an anodized finish. You're not going to have to worry at all about corrosion.Now, when comparing the AeroBlade Edge System to other roof rack systems in which the crossbar is going to end in the foot pack, the Thule has the lowest profile.

It doesn't stick up as much as what we get out of some of the other manufacturers. So, if overhead clearance is an issue in the parking garages or home garages, something like that, this might be a really good choice.Something that I would prefer that this had that it doesn't are the locking cores. It's a big investment. You really don't want it disappearing, so with some of the other systems, they do include the locking cores. With this one, you'd have to purchase them separately.We've tested the roof rack system out, and after loading it up with our bike and skis really had no strength issues.

It's really sturdy, and while traveling down the road with it empty or with accessories on it really didn't notice any change in the noise level. That's going to be echoed in a lot of the customer reviews also.It's like Caleb M. said, "It only took 30 minutes to do a full install. Quiet; I can't even tell they've been installed," or like Jim G. said that, "It fits great and it looks good, that it's very sturdy," or like David P. said, "The fit was great and the installation was very easy. My friends say it looks like it has always been there." That's going to complete our look at the Thule line of the AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack System.

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