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Thule Bike Adapter Bar Review

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Review of the Thule Bike Adapter Bar

Hey, it's Dustin here at Today I've got the Thule bike frame adapter bar to go over with you. This product is gonna be really handy for taking multiple bikes along that normally wouldn't fit on your hanging style bike racks.As you can see, without the bike bar installed, it's certainly not easy to get our kids' bike to fit. A woman's bike, we can get to fit into place. But, if you look at it, it's just at a really awkward angle.The bike adapter bar's gonna let our bike hang at an even angle and it's gonna give us that space we need to be able to get our bike onto rack. The hooks on either end secure around your seat post and your handle bar tube, giving you the support you need.The hooks are rubber coated, so they're not going to scratch or harm your bike.

And, there's a little notch, if you can see it here. That's especially nice for the front, where it's gonna allow your handle bars to have a cradle to rest in.The adapter's also gonna be great for kids' bikes, where, again, here we've got a limited space. Some mountain bikes also have a limited space. Or, there's some bikes, such as a step through bike, where you might not have any place to secure it at all. This is gonna come in handy and allow you still use your hanging bike rack.So, with it installed on kids' bike here, you can now take your kids along for the trip.

The detent locks in place here, and it's part of the setting, but that's really just to prevent the two halves from separating. You can use it at any point in between.And, if you're picking up accessories for your bike rack, Thule also makes a six foot cable lock that will go great with any bike rack.It's really easy to install. I've got our hooks opened up here. You simply use a detent to secure. It'll go around your front, secure that down.

Then you can telescope it out to the length you need. For our kids bike here, it's gonna be the smallest setting. You might need a longer one on a beach cruiser or some kind of other bike.Then from here, just install your bike like you normally would. Get it in place, secure our anti-sway, and our top cradles.Thanks for hanging around with us and taking a look at the Thule bike adapter bar.

Questions and Comments about this Video

I bought this adapter for a 20” kids bike, but I can’t find anywhere if it’s ok if the mechanism to open/close it on the ends rests on the cradle rather than the actual tube.. also there seems to be a lot of space for the bike to move in the adapter, I can move the bike side to side on my rack like 4”!
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@Steph yes the crossbar will rest on the cradles. You are correct that there is up to 4 inches of movement possible due to the size of hook on each end of the adapter. Without this, few bikes would fit. When all of your bikes are correctly mounted on your bike rack, you should then have little movement.

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